Untogether: Jamie Dornan & Billy Crystal underutilised? (Film Review)

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Media Screening
Drama (USA)
Jewish International Film Festival
Duration: 99 minutes

It was like watching an extended episode of a soap opera really.  There’s nothing particularly interesting about the plot and hard to understand the purpose it serves as part of the Jewish International Film Festival.   Billy Crystal plays a rabbi and Lola Kirke’s character, Tara,  is established to be a devout practising Jew.  Yikes.

It’s skating in the realms of light porn with Jamie Dornan, so there is an audience for this since he’s working the softer notes of his 50 shades repertoire but  it’s quite a let down having seen more compelling productions like The Mover,  currently screening that have been specifically curated to feature stories and personalities that broke new ground.

In saying that, it does show the lighter side of the festival (just), is a film for escape about two flawed characters who don’t realise they are in love and is a good choice for a mid week couples outing as there are some pretty heavy topics being covered this year in some of the other films screening.

Would it be my first choice based on what’s showing?  No.


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