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The 80/20 rule for hacking your healthy eating gives you flexibility and freedom to enjoy pizza on the weekends.
shutterstock_777609049Look I get it, you like beers, pizza and ice cream but the thing is, if you actually create some kind of discipline in your life you could actually sustain a balance while enjoying those treats but you can’t expect to achieve any kind of goal if you continue to blow out every time (everyday) you get the opportunity to eat some kind of processed or high calorie meal when it shows up.
Learn how to say no sometimes…
Just Remember
Calorie surplus = Weight Gain
Calorie Maintenance = Energy Balance
Calorie Deficit = Weight Loss
You: Well Chris I’ve read this far, what’s the 80/20 rule??
It’s simple really, 80% of the time you eat healthy food, think no processed food, just whole produce all fresh, everything but 20% of the time you treat yourself to that pizza you’ve been thinking about all week.
shutterstock_618433058.jpgA daily example would be you eat healthy for 80% of the day and you might have say a treat at lunch maybe, say an ice cream, this works well for people who struggle to commit to any kind of food lifestyle change as they still have the opportunity to have control over eating without overindulging.
Obviously like anything this still takes discipline and commitment to not eating the whole Lolly section in your local supermarket, “step away from the caramel milk chocolate bars…”
Another way would be to have no processed food throughout the week and binge a little bit on the weekend
Keep in mind and be sure to keep your activity level high throughout the week if you think you are going to really binge on the weekend… Although self control would be something to work on.

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