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Look I get it, everyone is talking about it and it’s on ”Netflix”…
So it must be all proven and up to date knowledge right?
Well, not all of it really is the truth…


You: But Chris It’s a documentary on Netflix!
Me: Bet you didn’t know anyone can upload a film to Netflix, it’s actually a lot easier then you think.
Now I get they have the big names and athletes and studies, but just because you reference peer reviewed studies, it doesn’t always mean it’s 100%…
Let’s keep this short and sweet!
Studies that were taken weren’t that reliable: 
Many of the studies in existence and referenced in this film are based on observational studies. Those come in the form of cross sectional studies, prospective studies and retrospective studies.
Essentially, researchers observe what people eat/ate and relate it to what diseases or health issues they get/have.
The methods of food reporting weren’t always reliable as they were done by phone calls and questionnaires, the biggest limitation of observational studies is the pronness to inaccuracy in diet reporting.  People underestimate, over estimate, forget and even consciously leave out what they eat.
Most of the studies all conclude with “further investigation needed” which the film makers happen to have left out.
The people behind the film:
  • James Cameron, Executive Producer – award winning film maker (Titanic, Avatar), story teller, founder and CEO of Verdiant Foods, an organic pea protein company with the goal of becoming “the largest pea protein fractionation facility in North America.”
Credit: Feature Fash Photo Agency
  • Suzy Amis Cameron, Executive Producer – Founder, Verdiant Foods
  • Jackie Chan, Passionate Vegan Famous Person
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ex-Meat Eater,
    Governator, Passionate Vegan Famous Person
Almost all of the medical professionals interviewed in the documentary also sell vegan products.
  • Dr. Dean Ornish – Author, “Undo-it!”, leads vegan retreats and sells online programs.
  • Dr. Aaron Spitz – Author, “The Penis Book”, plant based book on penile function.
  • Dr. Robert Vogel – Author, “The Pritikin Edge”, plant based book.
The list goes on as well…
Plant Based Athletes:
Credit: Proper Twelve Irish Whisky

Conner McGregor lost to Nate Diaz (Vegan) in 2016, they failed to mention that Connor had to up himself two weight classes to fight Nate. Connor was 15-20lbs lighter than Nate in the ring. Connor was beaten by someone who was bigger, with an experience in that weight class. Not because he was Vegan.

James referenced that a peanut butter sandwich contains the equivalent amount of 3 ounces of beef, which is 85 Grams for Australians reading this.
To achieve the 20g of protein that is in the 85grams of peanut butter, you would need to consume 5 tablespoons of peanut butter. Which also contains 40g of fat and comes in at 470 calories.
Hass Avocado Branding:
Some studies that flashed across the screen suggested that ingestion of Hass avocado could modulate the inflammatory response caused by one hamburger meal. Of note this pilot study of 11 people was funded by… Hass Avocado Brand.
These are just a few things that aren’t projected to people watching the film, which in turn is creating a misinformed population who have watched this film.
I’m all about different food choices, myself being a vegan for a short period of time.

But having misinformation projected the wrong way is pretty horrible.  All that I have mentioned above has been found from Tactic Method  which has 55 References from PubMed comprising more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books..

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