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Media Screening
Drama (Russia) – Original Title Бык
Russian Resurrection International Film Festival
Duration: 99 minutes

Set in the urban areas and far removed from metropolitan Moscow, after the collapse of the USSR, communities like this one were seriously impacted during the 1990s transition period from communism to democracy.   Its economic, social and political evolution made way for the emergence of street gangs to take over cities and renogade groups where a simple walk along the street could have calamitous consequences.

Anton (Yuriy Borisov) is “The Bull” a nickname derived from his chronic heart condition (Bovine Heart syndrome).  The story centres on family life and the business he has with friends – panelbeater by day, hijacking luxury cars by night.  Sharpness, savagery, courage, impulsiveness and peer pressure are explored in this depiction of post-USSR life that became a logical way out after a country was seen to have abandoned them.


Session Times for this movie and other RIFF productions reviewed:
Saturday 9 November 9pm (Breakaway) – The Capitol Melbourne
Sunday 10 November
2.30pm (Odessa) – Canberra Capitol Cinemas
7pm pm (Why Don’t you Just Die) – Gold Coast Broadbeach
7pm (The Bull) – Canberra Capitol Cinemas
Tuesday 12 November 7pm – Event Cinemas Brisbane
Tuesday 12 November 7pm – The Capitol Melbourne
Thursday 14 November (Odessa) – Adelaide GU House
Thursday 14 November 7pm – Event Cinemas Sydney CBD
Friday 15 November 7pm (Odessa) – The Capitol Melbourne
Saturday 16 November 9pm (Why Don’t you Just Die) – The Capitol Melbourne
Saturday 16 November 5pm – Event Cinema Sydney CBD
No screenings – Perth Event Cinemas Innaloo

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