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Stylish waterproof specialists Norwegian Rain have teamed up with Danish footwear specialists ECCO on an exciting new project combining expertise to produce a waterproof shoe.  This synergy unites 2000 ECCO Shops with more than 14,000 sales points in 88 countries with the Norwegian Rain sartorial approach that blends hints of Japanese sensitivity for the 2 out of 3 days of rainfall this region can experience each year.

The result, “The Waterproof Shoe” with the highest standards of anatomical comfort.  The limited-edition collection is made with premium ECCO leathers and includes zip boots design variations built on the Danish shoemaker’s pioneering ST.1 “shock-thru” innovation.

The technology behind the hybrid boot offers outstanding shock absorption, as well as increased rebound, the sole features a SHOCKTHRU Static Dissipation system, polyurethane cushion core insert directly beneath the point of impact at the heel.  Made on an anatomical last that creates a soft, cupped heel that improves both the stability and the fit, and from the radical, sumptuously soft PHORENE™ material inside the midsole.   PHORENE™ is the softest and most shock absorbent polyurethane that ECCO has used yet, and is a breakthrough for ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology.  FLUIDFORM™ is the company’s proprietary technology that allows the midsole and outsole to form around the shape of an anatomical last.   That delivers the signature ECCO comfort, with an ideal balance of cushioning and rebound. FLUIDFORM™ also ensures an integral, durable bond between the sole and the upper, without the compromises associated with stitching and gluing. The boot’s thermoplastic polyurethane outsole elevates both durability and comfort.