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Recently,  I’ve been thinking about why people fail when working toward their goals,
I have touched on Values and Beliefs and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the past.
Today I want you to take some time to actually ask yourself these questions…
  • What happens if you continue to waste your 24 hours?
  • Why are you still to doing this?
  • Are you actually taking action towards your goals?
  • If not why not?
  • What could you do once a day that would get you to your goals?

I can make this as simple as heating last nights pizza in the oven…

If you want to improve on something then continue to do it until you master it and then keep working on it until you become the best at it.

I couldn’t read in year 10 at school, so I spent 2-3 hours everyday at school practicing and trying to spell out words then I went home and continued trying to read and write at night.

I wanted to move overseas so I got a 3rd then a 4th job to save enough money in the time period i set (Side note, stop telling people and yourself you’ll do it next year, take action now).

I wanted to Squat 140kg, Bench 100kg, Do a Muscle Up and Handstand Walk among many other things, I can now do all these things because I set a goal and I practiced the movement and motion even if i couldn’t do the weight or exercise, I just kept Practicing until i could…

There is no secret to achieving your goals, its all about Taking Action Everyday.   I could tell you to do this and that and this and that but guess what you won’t do it until you actually want it more then you want to breath.

So answer these questions:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve this?
  • When will you achieve this? Will you achieve this?

(your answer will determine your result)

  • How will you achieve this?

Only you can create the body, mindset, career or anything you want in life but only you can do it.

Hacks to keep focused
Lost motivation? = Watch motivation videos on youtube Don’t feel smart enough to do it? = listening to podcasts in those areas of topic

Feel weak? = Go get strong  Feel Anxious? = Accept your emotions and go get active or breath

There will always be an answer to everything but only we can accept if we want to hear it and use it to our advantage.


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