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Through the TravelFit Global podcast, we’re able to delve deeper beyond our usual interview formats in our Entertainment and Health articles with this special series of audio podcasts of about half an hour to an hour each episode.   Wellbeing and mental health in my view are intertwined into our daily lives as we explore the stories of prominent corporate, sports and lifestyle personalities.  Our guests open themselves up intimately sharing with us the darkest moments behind their biggest successes.   Hopefully you can walk away with something valuable to think about and maybe apply in your own daily life.

This page is updated as new interviews come out so bookmark it and check back in.

Enjoy the show:

When you are working out in an altitude training environment, the air is ‘thinner’ and every breath taken delivers less of what working muscles require, forcing the body to enhance the way it uses oxygen to produce energy. This boosts our body’s efficiency, improving the way our heart and lungs function, enhancing our performance.  This is the basis of the nation’s first Air Locker Training studio pioneered  by Roman Brady who we speak to after triumphing over mental health issues of self after his career in football abruptly came to an end.

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Winson Lam, an actor. model, content creator, business owner of Cali studio and Envisage clothing recently appeared on Ninja Warrior Australia. We talk about the adversity and challenges as an Asian Australian in mainstream media and how he used typecasting and stereotypes to his advantage –  creating a niche that would define the calibre of brands he represents including Dominos Pizza, Toyota, Culture Kings, Acai Brothers, and Honda.

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Alec Baker left his trade as a labourer to pursue his passion in content creation.

Today,  influencers, music artists entrust him with the responsibilty to bring their vision and stories to life  such as Steve Cook, Gymshark, Tommy Jeans, GoPro, Under Armour and many more.

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WhatsApp Image 2020-03-10 at 6.08.21 AMZac Deane: TV presenter, Actor, Model and Wellbeing guru chats about his up bringing at a younger age being bulled at school and feeling out of place and lost in life.  He was influenced by his upbringing to change his life for the better which led to him pursuing acting, multi level marketing and health and wellness coaching.  We talk about creating self awareness to achieve more clarity and fulfilment in your own life, why we all need a positive connection environment, being a connector and what healy the frequency healer is all about.

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Nick and Femi were recent contestants in the TV Series The Amazing Race.

We talk about what their experience was like, the opportunities it has opened and their up coming podcast about to be released.

If you want to understand why you may act in certain ways, why training and nutrition is so important, and why we as a society lose 50% of our IQ when we are stressed, than this episode is for you….

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Michael Adams (aka. The Flying Kiwi) is an inspiring and humble human on a mission to help people with intellectual disabilities and physical impairments to reach the world platform for powerlifting at the Special Olympics.

His years of experience as a personal trainer and coach has led to the hosting of powerlifting competitions for these strong determined powerlifting legends.

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Kwame Duah is a world champion bodybuilder, health and fitness influencer, ninja warrior and down to earth legend.

We talk about his own training and nutrition, his own obstacles he has had to face with keeping a strong mindset throughout a bicep tear that could of ended his career, what he has planned for his future and how training should be about self contentment rather then seeking gratification from other people to train.

 If you or anyone you know has a story with a mental health focus we’d be stoked to hear about it, feel free to contact us below.

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