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Ok lets drop it likes its hot, like Obama dropped the mic at one of his famous speeches.  So your wondering if Compound exercises or Isolation exercises are better right?

Both have benefits 

Let’s start with Compound:
While not only creating a strong foundation,  if you’re a Barbell Deadlift or Barbell Squat fan for instance, these are absolute gold when it comes to improving your metabolic stress levels, strength and body composition because of the energy required to perform the movement, you in short terms will use more energy from your body which results in more calories burned.

(Note you can’t outwork a bad diet)

shutterstock_1076196965.jpgWith so many different training methods out there to achieve different results, lets just keep this simple….

The bigger the exercise, the more calories burned and more activation =  more muscle fibres torn which ends in body fat reduction, strength increase and you not spending two hours “chasing that pump bro” on the barbell curl.

A few things to note though:
– Calories consumed will affect the desired result you want.
– Different programs with specific sets, reps and weight % = different results think

(Strength, Anaerobic an aerobic Improvements, Muscular Endurance and Power Increase)

Next we have Isolation: 

shutterstock_1514532413.jpgIsolation exercises have their place as well though, Prehab/Rehab, Strengthening Single Limbs, Extra Activation after compound exercises or just as a way to add a extra strength progress to isolate a specific muscle you may struggle to activate. 

“Please don’t donkey kick the air in hope of growing bigger glutes though”

Want to build a strong foundation and lose a bit of bodyfat?
Go for Compound Movements

Want to strengthen specific muscles that you may struggle with or add a finisher exercise to create more of a progressive overload?

Add in Isolation with your Compound movements.

Exercises You Should Master:

– Back Squat
– Front Squat
– Deadlift
– Barbell Shoulder Press
– Bench Press

These are basics any gym beginner should contact a coach to learn straight away to create a strong foundation for life.


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