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It’s not trying to be anything more than it is.  That’s what makes this places so likeable.  Are the dumplings hand made in-house I ask – “No they’re the frozen ones” she says proudly.  I respect that.  Do you have any Beef Rendang left I ask – “No try our Black Pepper Beef” she says  with a tone indicating all their dishes will satisfy but what she’s suggested is the only one with beef on that day.

The hotfood bain marine sticks out of their window for the quick lunch options with a selection of 8 dishes ready for you to mix and match.   It’s a nice budget option that has been frequented for various reasons including jury duty at nearby Downing, shopping at World Square, pit stops to and from Oxford Street and the inner west commuter stops around the corner.

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General tip – stick to a dish with a sauce – they do them well here.  Wasn’t a fan of the pot stickers as there was a strange twang in their broth if you like the classic simple Din Tai Fung or Zilver kind.  A bit overdone with the fried pork but hey it all worked well together.

A great mix of friendly and cold staff who all let me stay in to work on my laptop while the place shut down in between the lunch and dinner break.

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