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Chef Eugene Geisinger has been entertaining beach palettes of Bronte with his Michelin flare for seven years with no signs of slowing down.   Our recent brunch visit proves that and going from strength to strength it’s dining proposition will soon extend into dinner opening new possibilities to make its mark at night!   The delivery option is just any ordinary add-on service but also an experience in itself allowing longtim patrons and out of area clients to experience a specially curated selection for at home dining or private lunch and dinner parties.


A clear example exemplifying approach and skill of his premium training, this interpretation of benedict becomes worthy of a mimosa elevating the simple brunch experience to new heights.  EGGS KOSCIUZKO reflects the Chef Eugene style in dishing up the American classic instead using smoked snowy river trout on rye with the familiar hollandaise and jewelled with salmon roe and heirloom tomato accoutrements.


Dishes can be retooled on request to accommodate gluten free, vegan and vegetarian preferences.   Alongside the  crisp, sharp and pleasant beans that flavour their coffees are the selection of juices, smoothies and shakes.  The GREEN DREAM of avocado, banana, kale, coconut water, maca powder and chlorophyll and STRAWBERRY & TARRAGON SODA went down a treat during the warm day of this visit.  Both beverages offered a freshness only possible when made to order.


The KUNG FU CHIA is a colour spectacular of tropical fruit and toasted almonds with its sweet notes and smoked flavours bursting intermittently with textures constrasting on each bite.

The art deco theming of the space keeps it homely and casual, their vertical prowess not only in the kitchen extends into the production of their own muesli range which is used in their menu and availble for purchase in store only.

Take Home Meals

What’s really cool are the well thought out selection and reasonably priced take home packs for a family feed indoors or private party taking the hassle of kitchen preparation over the upcoming holiday and summer season.