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Tuesday night saw the launch of Urban Hero at Beta Bar & Gallery.  I had such a fun night partying with my mates Marvin Osifo and Timomatic (pictured above) while we enjoyed a epic performance from Fatman Scoop.

6a099c5e-0d3f-479e-8843-d1e15b87fc77.pngTHE STORY
For this new addition, the brand chose to celebrate the intensity and contrasts of modern masculinity, working the codes of street art with a meaningful story that speaks to every Urban Hero. The Jimmy Choo man is at ease with himself, in touch with his sensitivity yet confident and outgoing.   For this new adventure, Jimmy Choo cast renowned street artist Jules Dedet, aka L’Atlas, as the face of the fragrance in the campaign; the embodiment of modern man and a true Urban Hero.

This new Woody Aromatic Eau de Parfum inspired by the urban environment was designed for Jimmy Choo by Antoine Maisondieu and Marion Costero of Givaudan.  On top, the freshness of precious lemon caviar with its vibrant undertones combines with the warmth of black pepper. Its heart opens onto the sensuality of rosewood and the sophistication of vetiver, revealing the Jimmy Choo man’s artistic sensibilities, before unveiling a drydown that combines the urban elegance of grey amber with an animalistic note of leather for just a hint of rebellion.
“We wanted to create a modern urban signature, in order to capture the spontaneous nature of street art, using blends of colors and textures, the way that street artists do.” explain Antoine Maisondieu and Marion Costero of their latest creation.
Key Ingredients
Top Notes: Lemon Caviar, Black Pepper Heart Notes: Rosewood, Vetiver
Base Notes: Grey Amber, Leather Accord
Jimmy Choo chose Jules Dedet, aka L’Atlas, as the embodiment of Jimmy Choo Urban Hero.  A world-renowned French street artist, he uses writing as the starting point of his work.  He studied the calligraphy of different cultures, using it to create his own pictorial language, creating bridges with optical art and the abstract and geometrical movements.   Renowned for his graphic painted facades and performances, his work is exhibited in galleries the world over.

Shot on location in the midst of the city, the video campaign encounters L’Atlas leaving his studio full of canvases, grabbing his paint cans and heading out into the night.   The magnetic appeal of his artistic sensitivity and his rebellious nature form an intriguing balance.  With a glance behind him to ensure the coast is clear, he sprays his motto: “Urban Hero.”

The print campaign shows L’Atlas in his studio, he is at ease in his environment, exuding confidence, sensuality and a subtle mix of rebelliousness and creativity. In the background, his graphic artworks are propped against the brut concrete wall.


The flask-shaped glass bottle is partially clad in metal with a mirror-effect chrome finish, a tribute to the metallic paint used by street artists, its magnetic shade evoking the contemporary urban spirit of masculinity. Its weighted silver cap with chevron print and a subtle black logo add a level of refinement and elegance.
The box is embossed with a dynamic black graphic linear design inspired by the artworks of L’Atlas. This is enhanced with the alternation of shiny and matte varnishes to symbolize the contrasting textures of a city landscape. In contrast, the sides are adorned in matte silver which reflect the daring side of the Jimmy Choo man.



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