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A mind-boggling wonderland designed over 1,600sqm, Archie Brothers became the crown jewel of Toombul Shopping Centre’s new entertainment and dining precinct, UPSTAIRS, launching last week! 

Like nothing else in Brisbane, Archie Brothers is home to with both modern and retro arcade games galore, trippy virtual reality experiences, indoor bowling and dodgems, theme park-type adventures and insane cocktails and a rip-snorter of a menu.  It’s the newest adult-tainment escape, and it delivers via a kaleidoscope of colour!

Must-Try games with the sqauad

Challenge your mates (or date) on these bad boys…

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Bowling – An opportunity to channel your inner ‘The Dude’ (if you’ve never seen The Big Lebowski that reference is probably wasted) and show those pins who’s boss. Or if your skills are limited, you can always cheat by using the bumpers!

Bumper Cars – Speaking of bumpers… if you’re all tuckered out from the arcade action, why not push your pals around on the dodgems. There’s something exhilarating about venting your road rage in the safety of the bumper track.

Mario Kart – It’s the arcade racing game that’s been destroying relationships since 2005 and yet we still can’t get enough of the wacky characters and silly weapons (is there anything worse than getting hit by spiny shell seconds from the finish line!?!?).


Air Hockey – Ah Air Hockey, my arch nemesis. Why, oh, why, when I’m one point from a resounding victory, do you somehow manage to remove all my coordination and reflexes and cause me to shoot several ‘own’ goals in a row? Anyway, I digress. Air Hocky is fun. You should totes play it.

NBA Hoops – The extremely popular basketball game where you have a few minutes to shoot as many goals as humanly possible. At Archie Brothers you can take on five mates at a time to determine who is Lebron and who is Le not.

Must-Try solo and duo games…

Playing with yourself can be just as fun…

Whack n Win – Impress your date (or just yourself) with your mad whacking skills by hammering the button with just the right level of power to get the 1000 points! Don’t be fooled, this classic whacking game is about skill, not strength.

Thrillrider – Immerse yourself in an all-encompassing gaming experience. Just sit back and relax in the comfort of a cinema… while hanging off the edge of your seat with the excitement of a virtual reality thrill ride.

Dragon Punch – You only have yourself to beat in this computerised boxing game. Use strength, speed and reflexes to punch the bag and see if you can beat your top score

Virtual Rabbids – This virtual reality game provides a fully immersive and totally hilarious adventure full of twists, turns, thrills and spills for kids and kidults alike. And the best thing is you can play it with a mate, with a complete stranger or all by yourself.

Dance Dance Revolution – What can we say? You are either coordinated, or you’re not. But either way, DDR’s combination of tunes (some of them utterly bizarre), graphics and varied skill levels means it’s a super fun game no matter how rubbish you might be at it. Plus, it burns loads of calories.

Must-Try Beverages…

Archie Brothers’ range of brand new ‘loaded’ shakes and cocktails are beyond Insta-worthy…

Candy Stand – Strawberry shake with vanilla-frosted decorative rim, a giant lollipop, candy kebab, whipped cream and sprinkles (add Pampero White Rum & Frangelico to make it 18+).

Schnapps Crackle & Pop – Cinnamon whisky, butterscotch schnapps, bitters, maple and popcorn syrup topped with soda and whipped cream garnished with popcorn. Yum.

Archie Brothers -20180905-_DSC3990 (1).jpg

Let’s Get Ready to Crumble – Vanilla cookie shake with an Oreo-frosted rim garnished with a chocolate chip cookie, whipped cream and a classic Wagon Wheel (add Cinnamon Whisky for an extra kick!).

Mint Magic – The ultimate boozy shake with decorative rim, filled with Jameson’s Irish Whisky, crème de cacao, Menthe Verte, vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate drops, topped with whipped cream and an Aero bar (specifically designed to be shared).

Espresso Martini – No drinks list would be complete without an Espresso Martini but this one goes above and beyond! Smirnoff Vodka, coffee liqueur, coffee espresso with a hint of vanilla and SERVED WITH A MINI CONNOISSEUR ICECREAM!

Must-Try Food…

If Sideshow Alley had a baby with an American Diner the result would be the Archie Brothers Dazzler’s Diner menu…

The Beast Burger – For the meat lovers. Beef patty, bacon, pulled pork, tomato, pickle, cheese, and Texas BBQ sauce on the signature bun.

The Pig Dog – For the wiener-lovers. Cheese kransky wiener, hand-pulled poke, cheddar cheese, bacon, slaw and Texas BBQ on a crusty white bun.

Copy of -20180321-DSC_0623 (1).jpg

Ferris Wheeler – For those who can’t make up their mind. Mac and cheese bites, spicy chicken wings, tater tots, sweet potato fries and beer battered steak fries (perfect for sharing).

The Cutting Veg Pizza – For those who prefer their animals alive. A classic margherita, vegan mozzarella, beetroot base, basil and AB’s secret pizza sauce.

Choc Caramel Contortionist – For the sweet tooths. Finish it all off with an unconventional dessert. Giant pretzel with hot chocolate ganache, salted caramel and 100s & 1000s.


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