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Having been to the Korean Wagyu buffet across the road the night before it’s difficult not to compare.   The ambiance is much warmer with it’s exposed ceiling and copper detailing and a mosaic of portraits lining the walls.

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The spicy pork rib stew was a bit of a let down, unfamiliar with this dish, with just the description on the menu to go off, it was more the back bone of the rib cage where you had to dig for specks of meet and not actual ribs.  It was more a bone / marrow soup which was hard to get on board with.  The sauce didnt have the red pepper flaked spice expected which appears in many other dishes this is used in and seems to have been westernised to suit a more sensitive pallette.

Studying the menu there are alot of conditions that are noted throughout – the number of replacements accompaniments are topped up,  the time limit to dine among many others.  Having had many versions of Korean fried chicken, the original they have needs to be accompanied with some kind of sauce, otherwise the kim chi, potato and pickled cucumber that’s provided adds life to the blandness of this dish.

Their Beef bulgogi is done well and this is where it’s true strengths lie and I suspect in the BBQ experience which is sold on a weight basis rather than a buffet style.  In terms of the mid range venue it seems to be aiming to be, there’s potential, and it’s unclear if it’s recently changed management as the new sign out front is different to the name on the menu so it’s most likely going through some transition.

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