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Note from the editor:
For longtime fans of Kat Stavrou who worked on The Next Rush’s early incarnations, if you didn’t already know she’s put the breaks on Sydney life and is doing the working holiday thing in Japan.   From food review contributions to Mukbang and epic food challenges, there’s a genuine flare for conversation and expression that in our opinion is unmatched in many YouTube food channels and review shows.  Unpretentious, genuinely passionate without being awkward or forced in her work, we checked in with her recently and she’s working on a novel as part of National Novel Writing month (NanoWriMo) which takes place all month.  It’s a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days with daily updates on her YouTube channel.

Over the next year she’ll be dropping in with special features on food and culture around Japan in our travel section as we see a whole new style and side to her writing and videography.

A look back:

Working with contributors and features writers like Kat gives our publication fresh perspective and innovate storytelling.   One of her first assignments was for the first anniversary of Anatolia in Sydney’s South West…

Sharing her Greek culture, she once took a group of us to experience the age old art of plate smashing.  A tradition of cracking plates after dinner and doing a Zorba dance on them.

Not afraid to try new things, she was also dared to enter the world of food challenges was successful in winning the open division of finishing a 22 inch pizza and placing first, but that wasn’t without a few hiccups in earlier months….

Cover Image:  Ashley Mar / The Society Group, The Exchange Balmain