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Strong and opinionated, his style might be a little too controversial for some with parental advisory warnings specifically designed for albums like his, but underneath the attitude and bravado, are statements that align to his personal truth.

Xkwisit released Vigilante featuring production from Vanderslice, Johnny Slash, Jack Of All Trades, PJ Katz, Ab The Audicrat, Alfastar and Emcee Graffiti.  This 12 song LP features Gilbert Gottfried and a cast of lyrical emcees looking to bring the Albany, New York music scene into the spotlight.

Confronting track names – Dead pedophiles, The President is gay might give the wrong impression on his freestyle vibe, but he finds a balance with tracks like The Quota and Lasers.  (Press play and listen below).

Vigilante plays through as a solid album front to back as tempo and mood changes flow from one song to another.  Xkwisit talks about real life, being offended by fake M.C.s and has comedic elements, happiness, sadness, and anger.

He has come to avenge the recent state of hip hop with hardcore beats, witty punch lines and you can feel the energy through the music.  Xkwisit has been performing and recording in the New York local scene for 15 years and looking to make this his debut album for the world to hear.



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