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Tucked beneath the long queues of fast food gridlock is this casual spot surrounded by the retail level of the Met Centre.


All day breakfast dishes, fresh smoothies, bowls and coffee is their specialty, and today’s selection had ripples of Mexican with classic brunch ‘go-to’ dishes.

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So many of these cafes have plonked themselves right across the city, from the northern beaches to the CBD as far out to the west and north west, every one of them is slightly different.

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Why wouldn’t you order this bowl of Brazilian superfruit.  How isn’t it one of the nation’s most favorite brunch dishes with its anti cancer, cholesterol improving, brain sharpening mystical properties!   Not overdone which is good with its toasted granola and just the right balance of banana mixed into the coconut water mix without that typical heaviness in the texture and consumption.   Coconut and the anti-heart disease pairing of strawberry and blueberry completes the dish.

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Another cold dish of pulled chicken, rice, quinoa, spinach, tomato, corn, black bean salsa, avocado, sour cream and coriander. Great summer option which pales in comparison to the harissa lamb wrap with hummus, tzatziki, tomato, spanish onion and rocket.  Perhaps it was having these dishes too close together but the sting of chilli paste seemed to be watered down after leaving it a little too long to consume.

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Speckles of pumpkin seeds provide a pretty backdrop to the corn fritter stack which works only with the tomato relish and avocado.   The fritters are mixed with zucchini which dumbs down the sweetness in the corn and as an ensemble all elements work well together.

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Seating configurations suit couples in a casual dining setting.  The alcove area provides semi privacy for small work groups of no more than four for CBD workers looking to break from the office.  An ideal spot to rummage through your loot from a good session of retail therapy, its just far enough from the crowds should you choose it for a small team meeting if you work nearby or discreet break as you start working your way through your christmas list.

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