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I get it, there is lots of food, family, time off work…  But that’s an even better reason why you need to keep training!  Your excuses not to workout and my solutions:

No Gym close by?
Do a bodyweight workout.

Your tired? 
Go to bed earlier

Got to look after kids?
Use your kids as weight and make a fun workout

Got an injury?
Exercise the area of your body that isn’t injured

No Time?
Make time, lets be honest how long does it take to do 30 squats, 30 lunges and 60 second plank?  That’s right not long at all.


Don’t know how to do a bodyweight workout?
Head to my Instagram and watch the exercises like the one below that I have uploaded.

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Dead Bugs 🐛 🐜 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Usually the most underrated exercise not used enough or even performed properly… ➖ With so many variations let’s keep to this variation today using alternate sides of your upper and lower body. ➖ Begin lying on your back with your hands extended above you toward the ceiling. ➖ Bring your feet, knees, and hips up to 90 degrees. ➖ Exhale hard to bring your ribcage down and flatten your back onto the floor, rotating your pelvis up and squeezing your glutes. ➖ Hold this position throughout the movement. ➖ This will be your starting position. ➖ Initiate the exercise by extending opposite arm and leg, straightening the knee and hip to bring the leg just above the ground and arm inline with ear. ➖ Maintain the position of your lumbar and pelvis as you perform the movement, as your back is going to want to arch. ➖ Stay tight and return the working leg to the starting position and arm inline with the ceiling. ➖ Repeat on the opposite side, alternating until the set is complete. ➖ Are you a fan of Dead Bugs?

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Now that’s cleared up, let’s talk about why you should keep working out.

Keeping fit and strong during this holiday season will not only be great because you’ll be downing puddings like people buying useless items on black Friday, but it will also keep you on the habit train that you have been working on all year and it will make it that much easier to get back in the gym or outside in the new year!

The whole “Ill start up next year again, after I have a break” is only doing more damage than good, because you have to reset those habits in the new year.

You: But Chris you wouldn’t understand…

Me: You’re on the money, I don’t understand why you don’t want to continue to be the best you can be and why you consistently make excuses why you can’t do something when you can “Drops Mic and Walks Away”…..


Well let’s add some value to keep on top of training this silly season, here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

1. Hit a minimum of 12,000 steps daily, your going to be eating more, so lets keep on top of your NEAT.

2. Set your intentions for each week with a minimum of 2 workouts per week at home or at the gym

3. Keep eating whole foods and try live by the 80/20 rule with food as much as you can throughout the weeks ahead

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That’s it from me, have a wonderful week ahead legends

Need some exercise ideas and advice while you’re away and no where near a gym? 
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