DIY tips for a perfect white smile!

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Professional teeth whitening is very effective, but also very expensive.  Anyone who wants white teeth, can also resort to different, brightening home remedies – check out our beauty press sources DIY suggestions:

Mix olive oil with salt until a pulpy mass is created. In the evening, use this homemade toothpaste to brush your teeth. This method should not be used more than twice a week, as the salt will otherwise wear away the enamel.
Sunflower or coconut oil:

Thoroughly rinse the teeth with half a tea spoon of oil and then a mouthful of water for three to five minutes. The oil has an antibacterial effect and ensures a natural whitening look of the teeth.

No more wasting the banana peels! Scrub your teeth with the banana substance on the inside of the banana peel to get that extra potassium and magnesium for white teeth!