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If you don’t get a chance to visit the cocktail masters at the exclusive Tia Maria pop-up at Moonlight Cinema this season, then you’re in luck because we got the inside scoop on the secret recipes of the mixologists behind the bar!  Not only that, if cookbook style recipes aren’t your thing, that simply hit play and check out the masterclass on how to whip up these must-have concoctions to knock back at home at your next get together or dinner party….



  • 25ml Tia Maria coffee liqueur
  • 25ml Vodka
  • Double or single shot of Espresso
  • 5ml of sugar syrup


  • Fill a martini glass with ice and set aside to chill. Pour Tia Maria, vodka and espresso into a cocktail shaker.
  • Fill the rest of the shaker with ice. Shake the ingredients together.
  • Empty the martini glass of ice.
  • Pour in the contents of the shaker using a strainer and sieve into the glass.
  • Finish with three coffee beans.




  • 50ml Tia Maria coffee liqueur
  • Double Shot Espresso
  • 50ml Milk
  • 20ml Popcorn Syrup
  • Fresh popcorn


  • Pour the Tia Maria, espresso, milk and popcorn syrup into a shaker.
  • Add ice and shake the ingredients together.
  • Using a strainer, pour contents into a latté glass full of ice.
  • Top with the fresh popcorn and add a straw to serve.




  • 50ml Tia Maria coffee liqueur
  • 30ml Espresso Coffee (optional)
  • 80ml Tonic Water
  • Grapefruit / Lemon
  • Ice


  • Simply combine the Tia Maria with a shot of espresso (optional) and top with tonic water, and garnish with a twist of grapefruit or lemon peel for a quick and easy cocktail combination with a fizz.

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