Autopsy of a cheap dumpling: Dumpling & Noodle House, Ultimo

Subject was received within 11 minutes of ordering, cooked and smoke steaming on arrival.

In studying a history of the venue after a series of visits, the intimate setting always appears ot be clean and in good health in available tables both inside and outside the venue.

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Vital signs were stabilised with soy vinegar and chilli oil and laid flat on the bamboo and aluminium ‘body block’.   An external examination differentiates the pork with its pan fried casing from the soft non-overcooked translucence of the half serve prawn.

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A Y-shape incision was unsuccessful due to the delicate wonton on both subjects, how ever we were able to expose the sternum area of the dumpling unfolding the flaps to study the fillings to assess any health deformities and portion-value ratios.

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Incision was made on the centre of the steamed half serve of prawn and pork.  Minimal severing of ligaments and attachments was not required.  Sample sizes of inner tissue  were weighed.

The interior of the pan fried pork dumpling was generously filled with a balanced amount of chives apparent throughout the minced mixture.  The prawn in the steamed dumpling form was cut into thirds and we estimate approximately 1 to 1.75 tiger prawns per dumpling.

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After further examination of the dumplings spinal cord, and rear we conclude the cause of death for the person eating dumplings from this venue was from natural causes caused by happiness and joy.  Ruling out accident, suicide and homicide as cause of death.

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