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Aging is a sensitive issue for most of us.  But aging is not bad say our beauty press sources  – on the contrary, it’s the most normal thing!  In addition, although we cannot stop the biological clock, we can hide the signs with proper care.   

Ageing gracefully

Sophia Loren is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, today, at the proud age of 82 years, the Italian beauty still has great skin and body.  Time seems to have passed by without a trace, perhaps due to her regular skincare routine. O thers have taken this as an example: in 2015 alone, Premium Anti-Aging Care achieved sales of over 202 million euro across Europe!

What Happens Under the Skin?

shutterstock_222127234.jpgCollagens are the structural proteins which form the main and most important fibre component of connective tissue at more than 60%.  As age increases, however, the connective tissue becomes weaker and the collagenous and elastic fibers are degraded. This leads to a loss of elasticity and also the energy in the collagen, and cell production decreases. As a result, the skin becomes increasingly dry, wrinkles are formed, and the tissue is more permeable to external breakouts.

whatsapp-image-2019-12-10-at-4.32.58-pm.jpegResearchers are confident they have discovered a new approach to anti-aging treatments.  Those who do not want to wait for the “bio-energy miracle cream” should (preferably already in their mid-20s) resort to a care that includes one or more of the following active ingredients: vitamin E, retinol, collagen, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and stem cell extracts.  Especially the latter are particularly promising and lead to impressive results. Apply day creams that care for the skin and protect the skin during the day, and night creams that boost regeneration processes at night. When applying cream, do not skip the neck and décolleté.

Sunscreen, a good moisturizer, and hoping for the best?

Well not for much longer – a second skin has been developed in the same way that organs are grown in labs. Products now exist where, for a full 24 hours, you can erase wrinkles and cover eye bags without having any major surgery. That’s right – silicone-based creams can be applied in 2 stages which form a thin, transparent film on your face which stays on for a full 24 hours before it needs to be peeled off.  Prevention with medical grade sunscreens and skincare regimes to maintain skin health and reduce oxidative damage and stress are also key predictions for taking better care of our skin.

Facial cleansing is a vital factor for healthy skin. The most suitable are milks and creams containing more lipids that will protect your skin from drying out during cleaning. After this step, your night or daily routine products can be applied. Unlike creams, serums have a low molecular weight formulation and a lighter texture that allows them to penetrate the skin faster. They also have an anti-aging effect and the ability to reduce wrinkles, moisturize the skin and reduce pores. Easy to apply, they can be used in day and night care.

Cover Image:  Ilona Ignatova / Getty Images