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It’s been a long 2 months with the Goulburn street side of World Square a deadzone from its typically long queues and sidewalk views into the kitchen and dining area tempting passing foot traffic.   Entering its sixth year, Abb Air are here to stay having just renewed their contract with the centre.   As part of the terms, signage and shopfronts are being brought into line in phases to coincide with some overhauls and developments at World Square itself, the neighbouring properties and this particular area of the city in general – stay tuned!

The communal dining experience, the social nature of Thai people embodied by the staff and it’s central location in World Square make it a great meeting point for a catchup while enjoying over modern interpretations of Thai classics.

Chef Oliver, Chef Aoody, Chef Prem have combined decades of experience, a fountain of knowledge and heart into creating the contemporary Thai menu. A trio of ‘Chef’s Recommendations’ showcases the cohesiveness in their respective specialities and experience.

The Chef’s Recommended dish:

is called: LOVE” – a crab stick roll with enoki mushroom and fish wrapped in seawood and jeweled with salmon roe – the combination of flavors living up to the expectations of the art form that’s served to the table. Freshness of the seafood and smokiness in the mushroom ends with bursts of roe.

The dish living up to its name in taste and also beauty. The pork sausage is lean weaving in gluttonous rice, while the chive dumplings are crisp on the outside and topped with deep fried garlic and was a great accompaniment.

Prawn Cakes with dipping sauce

A selection of mains revolve around heat. Papaya Salad and the Red Duck Curry were beautifully executed, much in the same way you would expect on the street stalls of Bangkok, balanced out with the original fried rice.  There’s something classy about soft shell crab with crispy fried greens, taking street food to a new level.   The Hotpot features a brothe that’s prepared for hours with mixed seafood absorbing that intense flavor.

A luxurious velvetty theme of Pandan, a lime coloured asian vanilla flavour is weaved throughout the dessert selection and ice teas.

Texture Playhouse:


This multilayered scultpture arrives with a striking cape of freshwater seawood that’s been coated with sesame.  Unpeeling its flaps, it reveals a jerky textured dried beef and pork in a sweet marinade.  Fried salted pork also accompanies this as the entire structure rests on a white and black rice base.  Bringing it all together is the house made chilli paste.



The most popular item on the menu:


Thai Boat noodles carry the history behind the dish in its name, born in what’s now left of a network of canals which many of us would have experienced in Thailand at the floating markets.  Early settlers of Thailand lived by the riverbanks and for business traders, it was common to set up shop on boats moving up and down the riverbanks touting food, serviecs and commodities such as this snack bowl.

It’s a rich broth with whiffs of lemongrass, cinnamon and coriander through it, but what makes the broth so thick is the cow’s blood that is cooked through it. Abb Air updates this historic dish with Wagyu

Generous Portions:


A nice lighter alternative to their trademark papaya salads, the pork salad is coated in a citrus lime and sweet chilli viniagrette with crunchy pork tossed through.  In Thailand, there is no such thing as a starter, main or dessert. There is also no one person at the table a dish belongs to.  The number of dishes ordered is always equal to the number of diners sat down to eat and everything is shared and enjoyed together.

Beneath the simple allure of Abb Air’s menu lies a multitude of flavours, each with its own story.  The recipes of Abb Air have been passed down through the generations preserving the traditional Thai taste. Using fresh herbs, authentic spices, fresh ingredients and exotic seasoning, they redefine traditional dishes to ensure all customers receive an unparalleled Thai dining experience.


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