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Taking action in 2020:

shutterstock_1241119615.jpgHappy New Year everyone, hello 2020 – that could mean a few things right?

New year, new you, new year, new goals, new year, new life, new year, new obstacles…

Its about time we understand what actions creates a new you, a new life and new opportunities, but we all know this.   So why is it that we still struggle to create action in our own life?  Who knows!  Because everybody is different and everybody has a different reason.  Yes,  you can find answers but have you tried or have you just blamed life for being too hard?

I have a challenge for you and anyone can do it.

Instead of just thinking about what you want to do,  I want you to do 5 things that will get you 5 steps ahead rather than just waiting to begin in the new year, thats right. Action.  No starting next year, start now with 5 main steps that will help you not only be ahead for next year but ahead for life.


You see if you start now with creating a habit to tick off 5 actions each week that will help you progress 5 steps ahead each week,  then by the time you reach the end of the year,  you’ll be 260 steps ahead of what you were last year even if you just get 3 of the things done you’ll be ahead by 156 steps and you would of made a massive change in your life just by commiting to taking action and lets be honest 3-5 steps of action in a week is nothing and I bet it won’t take more than an 30-45 minutes to do each one if you really commit to ticking it off your weekly list.

So take time today and think about what you want to achieve in the new year and think about 3-5 steps youll have to tick off each week to get ahead and start ticking that list off to start your year ahead.


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Interview with Kwame Duah:  a world champion bodybuilder, health and fitness influencer, ninja warrior, humble giant and down to earth legend.   We talk about his own training and nutrition, his own obstacles he has had to face with keeping a strong mindset throughout a bicep tear that could of ended his career, what he has planned for his future and how training should be about self contentment rather then seeking gratification from other people to train.

Interview with Michael Adams, an inspiring and humble human on a mission to help people with intellectual disabilities and physical impairments to reach the world platform for powerlifting at the Special Olympics, from years of experience as a personal trainer and coach to hosting powerlifting competitions for these strong determined powerlifting legends.


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