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New year, new look? Or is everything still the same?  What will the year 2020 bring?  We take a look into the future and present the beauty trends according to your zodiac signs for the coming year for  a bit of fun.

AQUARIUS   21.01. – 19.02.
AQUARIUS women do not try trends, they are trend-setters. They like to test everything and everything unusual. Smokey eyes and fake eyelashes will be a go-to statement for Aquarius woman in 2020.

PISCES   20.02. – 20.03.
Pisces are sensitive, like to relax and treat their body like a temple. They like to indulge in soothing leg massages and pedicures. Preferred colors for the nails: pink, rose or mauve.

ARIES   21.03. – 20.04.
Aries are active and always full of energy. Therefore, they like uncomplicated makeup. Perfect for them would be short hairstyles and less time for upkeep.


TAURUS    21.04. – 20.05.
Although female representatives of Taurus are interested in beauty care and makeup, they usually prefer the natural look. In 2020, however, they dive head (horns) first into the new beauty trends.  Must-haves for this: eyeshadow, eyeliner and of course mascara. However, when it comes to fragrances, they go wild and embrace a sensual, erotic fragrance.

GEMINI    21.05. – 21.06.
Gemini are mostly cheerful and always open to new ideas. They like to try out new color trends.  Maybe the new Pantone Color of the Year 2020 will be their go-to? But apart from the makeup and matching nail polish, Gemini never go out of the house without hand cream.

CANCER    22.06. – 22.07.
A cancer has a different mood every day, but one thing they always maintain is a smooth complexion. In 2020 use a tinted day cream for a light feeling on the skin – it is more natural; application is faster and less complicated.


LEO   23.07. – 23.08.
Leos like it flashy, sensual and erotic. They like to be center of attention. This will not change in 2020.  With black eyeliner, shimmering gold tones on the eyelids and a healthy dose of bronzer Lion girls will make a dramatic appearance.  To give it an extra irresistible touch, a well maintained, silky mane is a must.

VIRGO    24.08. – 23.09.
The VIrgo is well-groomed, elegant, often critical of her surroundings. In 2020, she wants to express this feature with various updos.  A strict bun on the top of the head, fixed with a good dose of hairspray.  Perfect for a meeting at the office and a dinner.  One of the most important things for a virgo is her anti-aging skincare.

LIBRA     24.09. – 23.10.
Libra people are naturally very balanced, but also indecisive.  If they get out of routine, they will make up for it with regular sleep and plenty of fresh air.  In 2020, however, a new perfume can also help balance their spirit.  A popular fragrance: jasmine.


SCORPIO   24.10. – 22.11.
In Scorpio season beware of the retrograde Mercury!  Must-Haves: an intensively nourishing day and night cream.

SAGITARIUS    23.11. – 21.12.
They enjoy traveling and sunbathing.  For a good tan use a sufficient sun protection. Cleanse the skin regularly with a gentle scrub.  In 2020, her focus shifts from makeup to styling and fashion.

CAPRICORN   22.12. – 20.01.
Women who were born under the sign of Capricorn, are very stubborn much like their skin.  They often tend to have very dry, brittle skin especially in winter. Nourish with essential oil and shea butter.


Credit: Beauty Press


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