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Newly opened over the Spring last year, there’s a connection to your dish that adds to your experience when brunching at this cafe (Maggie May) in the Bourke Street complex made famous for places like Maybe Frank, Bare Grill and Loluk Bistro just down the road.   In this part of town, that personal connection is what defines owner, Kate’s outlook in the way she runs her business and the courtyard experience she creates.

What to try:

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Sourdough Pancake: We all know the gut health benefits of sourdough and its digestive friendly properties, Kate plays the idea of sweet and sour and clean eating in a spectacle of colour.  She illuminates the subtle formulated mix of the sourdough body with coherent splashes of edible flowers, pistacchio, strawberry and lavendar honey in a speckle pattern.  She complements the subtle sourness with a lemon and blueberry perfusion balanced with intermittent clumps of whipped butter that tame the strong flavours she celebrates in this brunch dish.

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Green Fritter:  In dishes such as this one, the Maggie May menu starts with a gluten free, vegetarian or vegan base providing optional add-ons of bacon and ham for the meat inclined.   These healthy patty donuts of green vegetables are baked and served with accompaniments that provide a spectrum of control in the savoury bites of house made chutney (on creme fraiche) and pickle salad.

Why are your sandwiches sometimes in an odd shape?


Many have heard of The Bread & Butter Project which is served up in many of our favorite cafes, but many are unfamiliar with the story behind this social enterprise bakery which is used exclusively in all Maggie May fresh and toasted sandwiches.  It’s an establishment that has created traineeship pathways for asylum seekers and those seeking refuge and the artisan loaves and rolls have been made by the apprentices in the program who cater to over 200 cafes in Sydney.   No wastage and sustainably driven, know that the variations in baking performance are a time capsule of skills being honed as these talented baking superstars perfect their craft in recipe modification, dough conditioning,  mastering the viscous and elasticity formulae in the perfect baking rise.

Other ways Maggie May contributes to the community:

All purchases go towards ongoing support of the WOW Food projectwhich accepts donation of fruits and vegetables, unopened packaged foods and household items making them accessible to people experiencing food insecurity.

House made range:

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The ethos of Maggie May seems to be in hown supplies are sourced and prominent placement of house made ranges of jam, chutney, relishes, pickles and coffee blends into dishes.  It really adds to the character of Maggie May as a cafe for the people by the people offering not only crowdpleasing favorites, but an emotional connection to your meals with friends and work colleagues that is non-existent in the culture of one-night-stands in the Sydney casual dining scene which is spoiled for choice.   This is one of the more memorable experiences you would feel compelled to come back to and see what they get up to next.

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