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In just 11 days since it debuted on Netflix, The Witcher become the second most watched series on Netflix for the whole of 2019!

Review of the first season:

shutterstock_28948684THE WITCHER: Season 1 – There’s a similar pieceing together of the puzzle that will be familiar to Game of Thrones fans including rare dragons, intricate battle scenes with clanging swords and CGI sorcery that will fill the void for Vikings fans when it goes off air next year.

While many compare the show to both epic series, it’s important not to, in order to enjoy the slow story telling pace and character driven plots with much of the season being dedicated to the setup of its key characters with careful timejumps and re-telling of events from different perspectives.

This show has a fan base derived a series of Polish novels written by which inspired a very popular video game that brings another segment to the audience.  It has it’s moments with some very strong characters who bring to life the world of the Northern Kingdoms who are under threat by the Nilfgaard empire.

The cliffhanger leaves even more questions then the whole series answers and has great potential now that all players are in place to get into the real meat of the story when Season 2 comes out next year.


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