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Its 2020 and its about time we get that activity level up!  There’s no place better than outdoors as we enjoy the peak summer sun.   I wanted to share with you some of the things I really enjoy doing and if you havent tried any of them out, I think you’d really enjoy it.

1. Start riding a bike, skateboard, surfboard, or snowboard 
shutterstock_1194067930Taking some time on the weekend to skate, surf or bike around to explore new places.

shutterstock_283932593If you havent been exercising at all and looking for a way to ease into it, start with cycling.  It’s got the tick of approval from the Heart Foundation, easy and gentle on the joints, planet friendly and is a great low impact way to burn those extra calories.

2. Go indoor rock climbing
shutterstock_1347233621Many cities and towns have seen a few indoor rock climbing centres open up over the last few years, so go challenge yourself and enjoy the active fun.


Our friends at Climbing Australia tell us over 25 million people across the world climb regularly which trains most of our 656 muscles.

3. Go for a hike up a moutain or trailshutterstock_275511038.jpg
Wherever you go, theres usually a trail or moutain near by so be sure to explore around your local area or jump in the car to head up a moutain for sunrise or sunset to embrace the hike a little more.


4. Try out kayaking.
shutterstock_132830297Try out a kayak with a group of friends or family and enjoy the adventure ahead.  It’s only a 4000 year old sport with Germany claiming the oldest relics of the world’s first ever kayaks, the early ones were made of animal and whale skin.  It’s a popular activitiy for cardiovascular fitness increasing muscle strength with focus on torso and leg strength.  It’s lower body low impact also reduces wear and tear of your joints and tissue.

5. Get Zen with a yoga session.
No matter where you go, youll find a yoga class in a park, on the beach, on a rooftop or somewhere near a hipster café.   If you’ve never tried it before, it’s a 5000 year old north Indian practice that’s said to help protect the body from injury.   It can increase your flexibility, muscle tone, aid in improving respiration and circulation and help maintain a balanced metabolism.

All these great activities could help you get fit quicker, stronger or become a little more relaxed and this also increase’s your “NEAT”  (s  non exercise activity thermogenesis), which is exercise not planned that you have used energy for to increase your daily energy expenditure to help with increasing your activity level each day. 


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