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Did you know that to make 450g of silk, 5000 silkworms must die?
Did you know that over 30 chemicals are used to tan the animal hides to turn it into luxury leather ready for design?
Did you know that 2500 litres of water is used to produce enough cotton for one business shirt?

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Sustainable fashion is a core mandate in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia‘s 5 year plan as it supports and champions ecological integrity.  When it comes to veganism, there’s sometimes an inaccurate interchangeability used when fashion houses position themselves as sustainable.   For the mainstream that might not necessarily be familiar,   it’s important to understand this works on a spectrum.  Best practice and production choices may be based on the impact on environmental, animal welfare and ecological issues that challenge the world, not necessarily all.

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Launched online at the end of 2019,  ZAVI was founded by designer Vibhuti Vazirani, with a label for men and women, timeless created wholly from quality natural fibres.  The design range aims to demystify this new world of fashion, setting a standard for the eco-friendly design house.  ZAVI designs are clean, elegant and enduring; made to be worn time and time again.  The brand offers ranges for casual dressing, activewear and business attire. with fresh lines dropping every 3-4 weeks.

“Australia is a highly conscious society in terms of environment, health and sustainability,” said Vazirani. “The biggest challenge in the industry is converting awareness about sustainable fashion to action;  ZAVI is my personal mission to fight fast fashion and change buyer patterns, one design at a time”.

ZAVI uses only natural fibres: 100% hemp, 100% organic cotton and bamboo blend, 100% organic cotton, 100% vegan silk, 100% pro-viscose (a lyocell and viscose blend created from recycled wood cellulose), and recycled polyester only for the purpose of waterproofing outerwear.

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All fabrics are coloured using non-toxic dye, and meet Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

Block colours are the mainstay, with a muted tonal palette of nudes, pastels, charcoals, blacks and whites.

Accents of colour are given with shades of cerise pink, emerald green, olive green and lemon yellow, and occasional metallic trims. The adaptable palette makes the collection perfect for transeasonal dressing and easy to incorporate into existing wardrobes.
Statement peace silk shirts and cocktail dresses come in an array of colourways for women, while tailored hemp shirts and organic knit shorts are a staple in the
men’s collection.

“There are a number of brands in Australia that claim to be eco-friendly, however only a handful are actually 100% sustainable, with the rest using poly and synthetic
blends.  For the select few that are sustainable, the price tag often dissuades buyers from shopping responsibly.  Choosing the inexpensive option may save money in the short-term, but can ultimately affect your life’s quality, and length,” said Vazirani.

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As Vazirani made her foray into fashion, she was naturally drawn to the story behind the fabrics and their environmental impact.

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Quickly learning of the disastrous repercussions many chemicals, dyes and materials have on the world and its sea life, she made an oath to remain pro-environment. “Rigorous product testing ensures ZAVI makes educated choices for the consumer, and the world,” said Vazirani.

Even trims – buttons, zippers, and eyelets – are carefully tested in compliance with Oeko-Tex to minimise metals and chemicals that are harmful to the planet, sealife, and the human body.

All packaging is made from recycled materials, with a strict avoidance of PVC.

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