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So What Are Habits?

Well a lot of us already have an idea and to keep this sharp and simple lets identify a habit as a action taken such as i have a habit of speaking with a optimistic perspective, I have a habit of training each day at a certain time or I have a habit of being a persistent person.


Habits are created by you and you can make or break a habit.

Our habits can dictate our life, for example if I had a bad habit of eating processed foods everyday I would eventually gain weight. If I had good habits such as working out three times a week, I would lose body fat and become fitter.

As a baseline example you can see that each habit we have “the choices we make” can effect our life which in turn will effect our body and mindset.

If we identify our good and bad habits by writting them down,  we can than start to see what we may need to improve on.


So How Can You Break A Habit?

Just start by taking the first step of one simple action. Which could be working out once a week or walking 3x a week each afternoon for 30 minutes, small steps create big actions.

This can be used to create new positive and productive habits you may want to add into your life.


5 Step plan to breaking bad habits:

1. Write down your current habits in two sections, one being ‘good and one being ‘bad’.
2. once you have identified the good and bad habits, start to thinking about what bad habits you can trade for more good habits.
3. once you have written down what habits you want to add in, you will now need to be a little more consistent to keep the rhyme going.
4. You will have now created a new habit by taking one step at a time by progressing with more actions taken.
5. Embrace that you can break bad habits and create new positive habits

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