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It’s not about Dinner but the sentimentality of the destination venue:

Approximately 11 million diners single and coupled will be eating out on Valentine’s day spending an average that sits anywhere between $100-$120 per person.  It’s pretty important day next to Mother’s Day according to statistics from the ABS, Dimmi, Food Channel, Restaurant and Catering Association.

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BEL & BRIO’S $110pp 5 COURSE DEGUSTATION includes Catalana Scarlet Prawn Crudo with heirloom tomatoes and olive breadcrumb; Homemade Spaghetti with octopus ragu, nduja, stracciatella and lemon zest both with a Beluga Caviar add-on. White Chocolate & Strawberry Fondant with black sesame, rose gelato and frangelico gel are the end notes in this rustic setting with its own cellar door.  RESERVATIONS 6pm or 8:30pm, email or call 02 9299 9107

Typically, that place will be one that holds a sentimental value to the couple.  If it’s your first time together, choose a place iconic, a memorable destination that marks a new milestone in your relationship.

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HILTON SYDNEY 3 COURSE DINNER $120pp:  From Luke Mangan, for the lovers, it’s set to be one of the romantic nights in town in a timeless setting at glass brasserie including this Wagu Bresaola. RESERVATIONS

Make Jewellery Romantic:

Starting at a good store helps to guarantee that the piece is both fairly unique and of good quality.  The second important thing when picking out jewellery is to appreciate her tastes.  Go beyond diamonds and find a stone color he/she particularly likes – such as deep purple, blue, or pink – or figure out what her birthstone is. Unique jewelry is also a good option.

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The history of CHAUMET has been entwined with the History of France ever since its founding in 1780, in Paris. Indeed, the Maison very quickly became the official jeweller to Empress Josephine. The High Jewellery savoir-faire of the Maison has been passed down through generations of jewellers for almost 240 years.

Rare stones or coral can be very reasonably priced and allow your loved one to own something unique and special.  If he/she is a fan of big, chunky jewellery, don’t purchase a little teardrop stone on a thin chain. While a jeweller’s box is adequate, getting creative will always be appreciated.  Find a cute stuffed animal and put the jewellery around it’s neck and then wrap.  Or serve with dessert, with the dessert on one plate and the jewellery on another.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER AT HAYMAN ISLAND $1800 FOR TWO: Australia’s dreamy and ever so desired couples destination is spreading the love with this once-in-a-lifetime hero experience,  Hayman Proposal package – Find ‘Will you marry me?’ laid out with candles or stones at an on-island location of your choice, before enjoying five courses set under the stars accompanied by matching premium wines. To celebrate ‘yes’, your personal wait staff will serve caviar and perform a Champagne Sabrage ceremony to mark the special moment.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Personalise traditional gifts:

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FLUFFY CRUNCH Long Stem Box of fairy floss tubs $69.96 – Mitchell Kara / Blacker Media

The traditional gifts of cards, flowers, and candy may seem cliche, but can still be wonderful gifts.

The trick to giving traditional gifts is to personalise them and show that thought, love, and energy really did go into picking out that particular gift.

Cards are a staple of Valentine’s Day, with over one billion being sent each year.  However, a homemade card or a personal poem that’s handwritten goes a long way.

When choosing flowers, feel free to go beyond the traditional roses and instead choose his or her favorite flower.

Instead of simply handing over a prepackaged bunch, scatter them throughout the house, have them delivered at work, or place in a box with another present hidden underneath.

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All The Single Ladies, Lovers (And Lads) – Hilton Sydney’s new Pastry Chef ‘Chef Miko’ is putting on a show in the lobby based eatery CAFFE CINO this year with live cake workshops on the 13th & 14th February. Choose the ‘#thankyounext’ cake for the singles or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ cake for the lovers and watch the team create your cake live.

Non-Traditional Gifts or DIY:

Homemade “gift certificates” are a wonderful and inexpensive (or free) idea.  Cut a few pieces of card stock into pieces about the size of a playing card.

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Then write an “IOU” on each one – such as making dinner one night, watching the kids so she can have a night away from home, back-rubs, a trip together to a museum or art gallery he/she has been wanting to see, or a home movie night with movies he/she wants to watch are all good options.

Other non-traditional gifts can include pampering items for, including bath oils, a spa visit, or a manicure.  Candles in a variety of scents are a good accent or additional to another small gift.  If books or movies are given, make sure they are something he/she really wants and something he/she wouldn’t normally buy themselves.

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Located within CROWN TOWERS PERTH,  Crown Spa offers a tranquil oasis from the demands of everyday life.  Therapists lead you through a deeply relaxing and highly personlaised spa journey.


Showing Love is the Most Important Part:


While Valentine’s Day, like many other holidays, has turned out to very profitable for multiple companies, the real meaning of Valentine’s Day remains unchanged. Valentine’s Day gifts- from the traditional to non-traditional and from expensive to free- offer the perfect opportunity to show love and affection.  No matter what the Valentine’s Day gift, showing love is the most important part of the holiday.

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