Blue Hill at Stone Barns: Pocantico Hills, USA – Progressive rural farm-restaurant serving sustainable cuisine

What makes it special: Approximately 30 miles north of Manhattan, chef Dan Barber’s ambitious farmstead restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, set within an enchanting barn on an 80-acre estate shared with non-profit educational space Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, builds a beautiful 30-course tasting menu centred on produce that is often pulled from the earth mere hours before hitting a plate.

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Dan Barber is committed to deriving the greatest flavour potential from every animal and botanical on the land and devoted to producing food with a low environmental impact.

Dan Barber - Ingrid HofstraOn the menu: Barber consistently seeks out eco-friendly and low-waste practices to enhance his menus. For example, he cooks vegetables in the heat created by vegetative compost. His latest version of a cacio e pepe style dish uses Tetra squash stems (sourced from Row 7, see below) to create the ‘penne pasta’ element.

Redesigning food: For years Barber has worked with seed breeders at the genetic level to develop more nutritious fruit and vegetables with deeper flavour. In 2018, he and several long-time seed breeder associates launched Row 7, an operation that sells seeds for plants like Badger Flame Beets and Habanada Peppers designed to taste better, yield more, and resist disease.

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Experimental Cucumbers and Yoghurt sauce

Going casual: For those looking to sample Barber’s cuisine without signing up for a four-hour tasting menu, Stone Barns also houses a more casual café open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Here, diners can find seasonal pastries and more substantial options like roasted chicken.

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Zucchini Stem Penne / Ingrid Hofstra
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