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Rockers of down under!  Some are still touring, some have gone quiet, but the music lives on! Have a listen.

HighView – Canberra, ACT

Taking influences from today’s biggest radio rock acts including Foo Fighters, along with more progressive acts such as Australia’s Dead Letter Circus, the group have defined a sound that is both technically impressive and accessible for anyone looking to add new tracks to their play list.

Stone Circle – Welshpool, WA

Stone Circle’s rapid rise up the ladder of the nation’s rock / adult alternative music scene has continued to amaze and excite both fans and the band itself.  It’s not that surprising though when in just 2 short years this hard working professional band have performed over 250 live shows encompassing sold out shows in their home town on top of two tours to Australia’s east coast performing in both Melbourne and Sydney.

EMECIA – Adelaide, SA

There’s alot of bands coming out of Adelaide according to a reverb nation scan anyway.  Developing their gutsy brand of progressive post hardcore and exploding out of the gates, Emecia have become a known entity. But with the release of their new EP Pariah, the South Australian boys are ready to cause impressionable footsteps.

This Sanctuary – Sydney, NSW

Armed with a kaleidoscope of musical backgrounds, This Sanctuary is a 5-piece band based in Sydney currently boasting international successes.  Influences include Paramore, Four Year Strong and Fall Out Boy, resulting in an eclectic fusion of sounds that has awakened a global fanbase. When the five members of This Sanctuary came together through mutual friends in late 2010, they instantly recognized they were creating something solid built on their very strong musical interests. The birth of This Sanctuary was also the birth of a tight friendship and sharing of the same musical pursuits.

The Terraces – Melbourne, VIC

The honesty of working class life: unbridled football passion: street-life serenades written about suburban life: anthemic yet snarling punk at its raucous best. Straight forward and uncomplicated yet still with a hint of intimidation. This isn’t any old tedious, domesticated or aspirational punk. The Terraces are back to basics, pissed off and give the ears no quarter. Their lyrics create vignettes of working-class life with endearing honesty and they draw bitter and uncompromising conclusions on the times we live in.

Vendetta – Geelong, VIC

For over 23 years Vendetta has been delivering a street-level heavy rock punch in the face to audiences across Australia. Hailing from the coastal town of Geelong (Victoria), Vendetta was formed by Mick Kee in October 1996. The band’s sound covers a wide variety of old school metal, rock and punk influences to create a sound that is all their own. Vendetta have released 3 albums as well a variety of EP’s & Demo’s. Vendetta has played with the likes of The Butterfly Effect, Dreadnaught, The White Room, The Red Shore, Teramaze, Dreamkillers, The Badloves, Nick Barker and many more.

Obviously Your Super Hero – Sydney, NSW

Obviously Your Superhero is an Alternative Punk Rock band of a new age, who were sent back in time to save Carah Sonner from the evil clutches of a hell bound robot sent on a mission to destroy the world.  The trio was formed when all members were simultaneously bitten by Radioactive Musical Marsupials riding majestic noble unicorns. And thus.. SuperHeroes were born!


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