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Music. It’s one of those things that everybody knows and something that has been a part of society and culture for literally thousands of years. However, even though it’s something we all know and love, even if the type of music available today is so diverse, there’s still plenty of chances to get blown away by the concept.

Today, we’re going to explore nine of the most incredible, most interesting, and most unique facts you ought to know when it comes to music, helping you to gain a deeper understanding of this amazing thing that humans adore.


1.    Metallica Have Performed Globally

Great fact, right? Well, when I say globally, I mean globally. Metallica is the only band or musician ever to have played in all seven continents. They currently hold the Guinness World Record for it after they performed in the Carlini Station in Antarctica and within the next year performed in every continent around the world.

They still remain the only musical entity, band or artist, to have done this.


2.    You Can Change Your Mind

“Science has proven again and again that listening to a certain type of music on a regular basis can actually change your mind and the way you think.  Since the brain can change size and alter its own conditions, this can dramatically adjust your brain to certain situations,” shares Mary Gooden, a writer for WriteMYX and Brit Student.

This is backed up by the fact that musicians are known to have the highest amount of grey matter out of any type of person, which gives you more capabilities to do more!

Chaka Khan & Stevie Wonder

3. The Most Profitable Song of All Time is Happy Birthday

Surprised? All the way back in 1893, the Hill Sisters created the Happy Birthday song, but is now renowned for being the most profitable, estimated to bring in around $2 million in royalties every single year, or around $5,000 per day!

Of course, over the last 100 years, the ownership license has changed around a few times, but it’s currently in the hands of Warner Chappell, who brought them for $15 million back in 1990. If you’re a TV show or movie who wants to use the song, you’re going to need to spend around $25,000.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-24 at 9.06.37 PM
Graffiti Building: Tel Aviv, Israel

3.    Musicians Have Shorter Lives

A bit of a morbid fact, but a proven and renowned fact nonetheless; musicians have been found to have a life expectancy around 25 times lower than that of the typical person and have 10x the chance to die due to homicide, suicide, or by accident! Be safe, musicians!


5. Music Enhances Workouts

“There’s no denying that this is the case, especially since research has proven time and time again that listening to music when you’re exercising helps you to perform better. If you’re carrying out repetitive exercise tasks while synced up with music, this can help you work out more efficiently (by requiring around 7% less oxygen), and helps you go for longer!” explains Phil Clarke, a music blogger at 1Day2Write and Next Coursework.

6. Favourite Songs are Emotional

Why is your favorite song, your favorite song? Well, research shows that you don’t just like it because it’s catchy or you like the lyrics, although this is probably part of it. Instead, these belters we love so much comes from the fact these songs are linked with a particular emotion or memory from our lives, and the song helps us feel that way again!


7. The Longest Performance Ever…

…Will end in 2640. That’s right, in St. Buchard Church, Germany, there is an automated organ that is currently set to perform a track known as ‘4,33’. The track is played so slowly that you have to wait months for a chord change. Started back in 2001, there are still plenty of years to go if you want to check it out for yourself.


8. The Catchiest Song of All Time is by the Spice Girls

Probably no surprise, and you’ve probably got the song in your head as you’re reading this, but the catchiest song was discovered to be ‘Wanna Be,’ but the Spice Girls. Discovered by music game website ‘Hooked on Music,’ the average person could recall this song with only 2.3 seconds of listening, as opposed to the average of 5 seconds.

shutterstock_3312204269. The Most Expensive Instrument Ever Sold Was…

…for $15.9 million. Yikes. While it’s obvious there are going to be some truly expensive and special instruments out there worth a lot of money, the top contender in this category goes to the Lady Blunt Stradivarius violin. Sold in 2011, this was four times the previous instrument record, with prices estimated to increase by around 10 to 12% per year!


Music is such a diverse and amazing thing, and whether it’s used to heighten a situation or experience, take us back to a certain time in our lives, or help us perform our best, just take a moment to appreciate how incredible it is and what it brings into your own life.

Photography: Yulia Grigoryeva, Bodrum Smurf, Kathy Hutchins / Getty Images 

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