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Different life experiences good and bad are the places where good music will be born. Three very different walks of life, but one very deep connection through their songs:

Mr Pope Music: The Chicago based 5th Grade teacher

Mr. Pope carefully chooses dreamy, atmospheric, music and intentionally writes lyrics to create an emotional heartfelt experience that is purposed to invoke reflection, conviction, optimism, joy, and love respectively.  His songs reveal truths and possibilities for all people.

Bryan Pope is a fifth-grade reading teacher turned musician on the West side of Chicago. His educator approach reflects through his lyrical and rapping style as he uses his music to captivate his audience by connecting to the essence of who they are and who they hope to become.

Mr. Pope’s platform as both a school teacher and a ministry leader for the Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Turner Memorial AME allows him to share the messages within his music with his students. His message “Don’t Abandon the Church” urges young people to remain in the church because it is the place where they are socialized, where they can acquire skills, and where they can learn true love.

Mr. Pope has performed at many events across Chicago from churches to conferences and is eager to find more platforms to spread his message of love and positivity. The project Love You Too has a scheduled release for April 2020 and is expected to be his first project to stream across all streaming platforms.

BDK: The Pro-Athlete from Sacramento

Fresh on the rap and hip/hop scene as of January 2019, artist BDK is in the works of releasing his freshman album “The All or The Nothing.”  BDK’s sound is very similar in any aspect to that of G-Eazy, J Cole and Mac Miller.  More of his lyrical focus can be seen in a tribute to the hardships we deal with in life, the ups and the downs and internal struggle we all deal with as human beings.

Kenneth Brabha: The soundtrack to his life


K.B. doesn’t necessarily stick to one genre. He writes what is on his mind, but if youwere to classify his music into a set of genres it would come closer to R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Singer-Songwriter.

Throughout all the trials, tribulations, and emotional upbringing K.B. has never lost sight of his dreams to be on stage, pouring his heart out to the fans of his music.

67283096_2665445880154823_2502192949593374720_nDespite being adopted by a loving Christian family K.B.’s dark past has always reared its ugly head throughout his entire life causing him quite a bit of heartbreak and despair. Music was his medicine and in his early songwriting days, he would write more love songs than anything to try and fill the void that he felt from the early abandonment that he experienced as a child. K.B. would show the music that he wrote to anyone and everyone who would lend an ear and there was never a person who heard him play that did not love the music that he was performing . It took 10 years for him to finally record and release the first song that he ever wrote called “You and I”, that was written for his first lover, who later would leave him Forsaken and Forgotten again sparking the beginning of an even darker episode of his life.

Even later in life, after he hit rock bottom, he started to make plans to finally make his dream of music seriously. After a slow start he created a slogan that rang more true to his core then even he realized, “My Life Is A Song That I Want To Share With The World”. He began to travel for work and met many people on the road who listened and loved his music becoming loyal fans of him and his story. It finally hit him that he was affecting people’s lives when one of his fans texted him one day telling him, “I love your music”, bringing him to the conclusion that he was finally doing something right. 

69350453_2731578960208181_4337584392462401536_oWhen he was just an infant K.B. got taken away from his birth parents because his mother had left him on the side of the road while she was buying crack from her dealer in the house down the street. His birth father had left his birth mother before he was born because she wouldn’t stop doing drugs while she was pregnant with him. Later in life when he got cheated on by his fiancee he went down a dark path where he followed in his birth parents’ footsteps. As would be expected he ended up in prison where he finally reflected back on his life and decided that it was time to make a change, a change that has brought him to where he is today.  

Despite the dreary story, there is something to take away from K.B. and his experience. No matter how difficult your life may be or what you may be going through don’t ever give up on your dreams cause although it may seem tough now, as long as you persevere things will always turn around. K.B. wants nothing more than to inspire other artists to give up and to follow their dreams as well as to continuously affect his fans through doing what he loves, Music.

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