James Pratt returns to I-Talk: Inspiring the next generation of creative entrepreneurs

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The debut of iTalk last year was such a success, it’s second instalment came to New York with James Pratt back again, but this time as one of the keynote speakers to inspire and deliver another compelling dose of inspiration to local entrepreneurs.  This isn’t any ordinary business seminar or symposium the entire format is a manifestation of the conference’s ethos of innovation using pop music, theatrical lighting and colour, elaborate set design and staging for the audience to invest in.  “By merging pop culture, leadership content and stage drama, iTalk will challenge attendees to think out of the box and drive creative thinking within their specific industries.”

We’ve been keeping track of some of the projects James has been working on in the entertainment space, but tonight he was charged with motivating New York City!

“Get really good at performing when it’s uncomfortable”, that was a key takeaway for success from Australia’s number one real estate auctioneer, James Pratt who made a strong impression in New York City at the recent iTalk innovative leadership conference.

The sold-out event which was held at the Ogilvy Chocolate Factory building in Manhattan, NYC, was sponsored by Comcast NBC Universal and featured some very high profile USA speakers alongside Aussie Pratt, The speakers included, Ali Levine (Bravo TV) Philly Freeway (Roc Nation) Jalen James Acosta (Musician) Preity Üpala (Former Miss India) and Comcast VP Shaun Levitt. The red carpet was hosted by TV personality Jennifer Tapiero and Getty Images.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-10 at 2.20.22 AM

The impressive keynote speakers individually spoke on leadership within their fields and drew on their own personal journey to success, with each sharing the key takeaways which have helped them succeed at the very top level.

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Pratt, who spoke on dreams and ambition, described his own story of ambition, finishing college then being stuck in a very dangerous place, down to his last $15 and with no family help once he turned 18- to now, present-day– having sold over 11 billion dollars of luxury real-estate worldwide, holds 42 luxury real estate records, was the 2019 REB Australian Auctioneer of The Year, 2018 Australian Thought Leader of The year Finalist, is a film entrepreneur, well-known TV personality and the first person in the world to auction luxury real-estate with blockchain and cryptocurrency. “My mindset had to change when I hit rock bottom before I could succeed, he said,

Fellow keynote speakers, Bravo TVs Ali Levine and Musician Jalen James Acosta also shared their admiration for James on social media, describing the Australian as extraordinarily talented and his speech motivational.


Pratt, finished his speech by sharing a heartfelt story from 5 years ago when he caught an uber ride from Glendale in Los Angeles to Beverly Hills at 2 am one morning, he described the lady who was the driver, a 61-year whom told him she was driving uber for 6 months to save enough money to start her own catering business (her dream she always wanted to do ), she only could drive at night because in the day the roads in LA were too busy for her, Pratt described looking her up 5 years later to see the now 66-year-old was in charge of 159 people and had her own catering empire in California. This lady was so inspiring and followed her passion, he said.


The enormous popularity of these conferences in the US has seen ITalk announce they will be going globally this year with ITalk London next.

Photography: Getty Images

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