Treadstone: Where is Jason Bourne?

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Treadstone is still active and it’s bigger than we thought! International assassins are awakened randomly in the past and present. But why?

Treadstone was the genesis of Blackbriar which Matt Damon exposed in the Bourne movies and it turns out this project was bigger than once thought spanning across Russia, Europe, North Korea and the USA. Told in multiple timelines, Season 1 opts for an ensemble cast each with their own individual sleeper stories that are blown out of the water as each is awakened through the sound of a melody.

The fight sequences are improved, surpassing the movies, but the pacing is slower than Game of Thrones with dripfeeding of information and resolutions to arcs over multiple seasons! Definitely one to watch!

They’re known as ciccadas and are fully activated when hearing the song Frere Jacques.

Brian J. Smith piques our interest and confusion as Doug with his quick reflexes and combat manouevres in a bar fight.  His journey through the first season is one of moral conflict. 

(An innocent piano teacher in North Korea awakens to a world where her husband is set to become the fall guy of a nuclear arms deal and impending war.  Her son has also been chosen for the same program she was sent to in which she was programmed into submission in the complex world of assets and targets….)

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-15 at 1.50.13 PM (1)One of the major twists of the season was with journalist Tara.  On the trail of a missing nuclear warhead, her career and credibility was destroyed by her chasing this story.   Her activation came as a surprise when cover and mission became perfectly aligned!

Ellen played by Michelle Becker (Star Trek: Next Generation) gives the ruthlessness of the Central Intelligence Agency a moral compass similar to that of Pam Landy from the films.   The stage is set for her to take full control of the departmentin Season 2 as she faces the hard choices her predecessor did without hesitation.

The season finale brings both timelines the show is being told in together as  present day Petra lands on Bentley’s doorstep right before the closing credits.

So where does that leave Jason Bourne?

The timelines indicate he would be amongst the hive of inductees with much potential giving background to the much loved film personna.   The referencing of Treadstone in the films is vague enough for the series to flesh out without interfering with the narrative of the films.

Matt Damon hints that the plot of another movie would have to be incredible for him to return with interest in the character somewhat strong even after he left the role to another actor for the fourth instalment before returning for Jason Bourne.  The same producer on the series is working on a 6th film instalment and there are clear indications of aligning the two story arcs.

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