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Picking up from where we left off in Season 2:

That same dark humour and dysfunctional family is at it again as the Byrde family continue to build their portfolio on behalf of their ‘trusted business partners’.

This season sees the fallout from the Season 2 cliffhanger seeing Marty’s plan to take the family out of Ozark and Wendy deciding to stay put.   The Langmores are fractured with Cade taken care of and Wyatt and Ruth’s relationship strained after the murder confession.   Helen Pierce is spending the summer in Ozark with her daughter to keep a closer eye on operations.   Charlotte has decided not to divorce her parents provided they attend marriage counselling and this provides a comedic setting to iron out the underlying issues in Marty and Wendy’s corporate rivalry.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney play Netflix’s worst yet somehow coolest parents Marty and Wendy.

A casino and horse ranch are new business ventures that pulls the Byrdes and their troup of organised recruits and we see a bit more of a human side to cut throat lawyer and messenger of death, Helen with the introduction of her daughter to the canvas for the summer.

New Cast Additions:

This season we also see meet the boss of the cartel the Byrde’s are working for now that all hands on deck are called to arms as a rival group starts a war of attacks and sabotage throughout their turf both in Mexico and the USA.

Janet McTeer previously played Jessica and Phillip’s mother on Marvel’s Jessica Jones before she was shot in the head by Trish.

Wendy’s more vulnerable side comes through with the introduction of her bipolar brother, Ben.  A vibrant character, he’s also the long overdue love interest for Ruth he brings out a different side to the players in and around his orbit.

Wendy gets a new brother in Season 3 played by Tom Pelphrey who previously played Danny’s best friend, Ward Meacham on the now defunct Netflix Original, Marvel’s Iron Fist

The FBI presence has been one that’s been quite irritating throughout the previous seasons, but in Season 3 we’ve got an endearing and very pregnant Maya Miller to look forward to.  She’s tough but humanised unlike the two dimensional version of Helen in Season 2 which we were indifferent to.

Jessica Frances Dukes is known for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3,  New Amsterdam, NCIS: New Orleans, & The Good Wife

This particular character is hard to read which makes for existing drama after Marty moves into the hotel complex she’s staying at after Wendy kicks him out.   Maya investigating and monitoring the new casino for money laundering activity but there’s a sympathetic admiration she seems to secretly have for Marty which we’re looking forward to playingn out in Season 4.

All the key players are in place and there’s so much to look forward to in the new season.

Wendy thinks she’s friends with Omar:

shutterstock_484935034A power of struggle of sorts continues from when Wendy put her foot down with Marty for the family to remain in Ozark.   She’s full of ambition this season closing deals and developing her own rapport with Helen and their cartel boss, Omar.  The friction between these two causes some operational disruptions and triggers an FBI investigation – whoops!

“I am at war, that means you are at war.   You are there for me to use”.  We find out Omar doesn’t appreciate unsolicited phone calls from his staff after castrating horses.

Jonah & Charlotte are entangled with the FBI’s new criminal informant:

Helen’s rebellious daughter could be the weak link that unravels the entire operation now that we’ve discovered who the new CI is working the Byrde’s and their associates.  Thank goodness Jonah and Charlotte are way too smart to fall for his B.S.   Helen has made a point for her daughter to be left in the dark and we’re seeing the potential cost of this omission – for everyone.

You know something is off when a random takes a leak in your parent’s bedroom….

Wyatt goes to Cougar Town:


The window slash husband murderer, Darlene, develops an unlikely bond with Wyatt whom she hires to tend to her farm.  Season 3 sees Wyatt tend to more than this courgar’s poppies but when you think about it, this union actually makes sense.  They’ve both lost the main men in their life due to the direct and indirect consequences of the Byrde family and little orphan Zeke completes the family of Jerry Springer proportions.

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