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I get it.   You’ve tried all diets and nutrition hacks known to man, but what if you stopped with the fancy modern cool named diet guru books and just followed a few simple rules?

You’re probably thinking this sounds like a whole new diet with rules right?   Well you’re wrong its not a diet, it’s a way of eating that has been set, studied and proven effective in every day life and its simple.

What’s the catch?  Well you have to actually follow the rules and follow through with effort and action.

You: But Chris you said it was easy, it is your just lazy…  The truth hurts and I hope it does because you might actually stop wasting time looking for a quick fix and start actually cooking your dinner.

Too far?  Nope, you see I say this with love, compassion and empathy, you have been fed quick fixes, instant gratification and too many microwave “You Foods Meals” that promise they are the change you need and its just a simple method such as this:

Want to look after your health?

Eat proper foods with micronutrients that will look after your gut which in turn will look after you such as those listed below.

Carbohydrate Profiles


Starchy / Complex Carbs (Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Wholegrain Pasta, Rice)
These starchy and complex carbs are important pillars of your carb intake, these have higher carbs but carbs are important as you’ll read soon.

High Nutrient Vegetables (Broccoli, Spinach, Carrot, Capsicum and Beans)
These carbs are lower carbs but high in micronutrients and an essential staple when it comes to getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Carb Rich Fruits (Blueberries, Pears, Bananas and Pineapple)
These are High in carbs mostly from the sugar but have there place with the vitamins you can absorb from different fruits.

You’re probably know all this already and I am sure most people are, but are you portioning properly?   Most people mix their intake all over the place, me included in the past.

But before I head in a new line of thought, lets fill you in with the rest of the foods to close the gap of understanding the basics and actually learning the basics to use effectively to level up not only your knowledge but your results.

Protein sources


such as ( Tofu, Pumpkin Seeds, Fish and Meat).  These hold our protein sources we need to as my uncle use to say “grow up big and strong” however my uncle was right but also he forgot to mention we can use these proteins for more than just getting big and strong. “Fun fact time, if you’re pregnant you need more protein to help your future child to develop and grow properly and if you get injured with breaking a bone or getting a tear, protein will help the healing process faster when you add in that extra boost to recover quicker”.

Fat Sources


such as (Avocado, Salmon, Greek Yoghurt and Nuts).   Fats are hands down a lot more beneficial that the media tells us and I’m hear to help inform you why you see white fat cells are important for the energy metabolism, they create heat insulation and mechanical cushioning. Now I’m not saying go crazy but fat should make up 20-35% of your daily recommended calorie intake.

So I have given you the 101 of what to eat and but how much and what should it look like?

Imagine a plate you have 100% of the plate to fill with the above foods/Macronutrients and Micronutrient dense and instead of my trying to create a picture in your head click this link to see what i mean by filling your plate properly here and once you have done that keep on reading.

So that is a easy guide right, so to get a little deeper lets talk about why the things above are listed.


Lets go over what Macronutrients are:
Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. Thats it, easy to remember.
These are the essentials we need to function and survive daily, if we dont comsume these calories than we do more damage than good to our body and mind because our mind is effect by our lack of health for the body.


Micronutrients are:
Vitamins and Minerals
These are the real heros that help us function behind the scenes with vitamins and minerals these keep us functioning correctly, think about a car you have to fine tune it with little bits or rebuild certain parts thats micronutrients and macronutrients are the fuel you put into the car, however the type of fuel you choose will define how the car runs and the same goes for food choices as i have added above.

If you lack a certain vitamin say b6 and b12 for example youll have issues with energy, nervous system damage and weakness, along with a few more issues and thats only two mentioned vitamins.

Now do you have to go crazy with vitamin tablets, no, please stop yourself now from running to the chemist to get a big old bag of vitamin tablets…

Just start eating as the plate above shows, and the listed foods. Simple and effect. Think to yourself have i eaten a plate of these things today? Yes? great work

No? go eat what your missing.

Now to get a little more indepth “Breathes in and out”…

Want to Lose Weight? Eat your minimum daily recommended calorie intake (Deficit)

Want to Maitain Muscle and get Learn? Eat your maintaince recommened calories (Maintance)

Want to Gain Weight? Eat your recommended Calorie Surplus (Surplus)

How? use myfitnesspal or ask me for help with a more personalised recommendation

Now the above method will get you results and its not that hard, it takes effort and action like i stated at the start of this and a skill worth having when you know you’ll be looking after yourself and living longer in better form than others possibly starving themsleves, over eating or just not getting enough micronutrients to look after their health.

A few things to keep in mind below.

1. Follow the plate recommendations

2. Want to get learn? Eat your carbs after training to use as a recovery method with a protein

3. Drink a glass of water with EVERY MEAL please you’ll need it as lack of hydration can be more effective than you may know “its actually a reason why people usually fail to reach certain goals”

4. Give your body 12-14 hours between each meal as you need to let your digestive system do its job, and anything less will only do you harm.

5. Look up some basic recipes for breaksfast, lunch and dinner and dont make snacks a meal if your going to have snacks. Personally I just have 3 huge meals and a snack a day, because if you have a meal when it s time to have a meal you won’t want to over eat. if your looking to gain eat like theres no tommorrow and track it.

6. If you don’t measure once than you won’t ever understand portion sizing by looking so do it once, get it over with after that enjoy eating food.

7. Don’t expect to get good results with anything if you don’t train or eat properly, take accountability and just own that fact you ate too much and just adjust for the next meal, don’t blow out!

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