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What makes Netflix reality shows different?

Netflix has taken a responsible approach when it comes to reality television that you know other major networks would have botched.   In an age where several suicides have been linked to inadequate social / mental health support post-show on Love Island, psychological injuring of contestants exploited through editing  on House Rules and mass scrutiny from its audiences, the irony of reality television which so many enjoy can be arguably based on a distorted (or condensed) truths.

Netflix’s stable of reality shows take familiar concepts of dating show formats infusing a mature approach in the vain of The Circle and Love is Blind.  Like its predecessors, Too Hot to Handle centres around  building an emotional connection with potential partners. The contestants that have been assembled range from models, elite influencers, alphas and Queen bees from the UK & Ireland, USA and Australia who have no shortage of attention when it comes to prospecting dates and hookups.

The ones to watch:  Chloe, Harry & Rhonda

As contestant Chloe explains on the show, “I feel like I’m in rehabilitation,, except of the mind”.   It’s this simple realisation that suddenly makes the entire cast of untouchables – relateable.   Personalities clash of course, however the ‘Big Brother’ conduit in this competition,  “Lana” the robot / artificial intelligence takes on . more of a mediator role setting and enforcing the rules of the house, allocating penalties and coordinating workshops to help diffuse rivalries.

Chloe provides a 50 Shades of Grey Disney Princess element of comedy in the very serious self discovery journey as she attains a new level of growth in her emotional and social intelligence, she needs a spin-off series!

When it comes to Harry, you get the sense, he’s use to life just dealing out a good hand everytime he walks into a room, because his relationship with Francesca ‘Kardashian’ potentially could have costed the group $32,000 in prize money had it not been for Lana’s redemption test at the eleventh hour.  Have I lost you?  Without giving too much away, if a contestant puts any part of another part of contestant in their mouth without Lana’s permission, the group has money deducted from the prize pot!   Any other network would have let that go and waited for the fireworks but the maiden voyage of the sizzling debut gave everyone ‘a happy ending’ (see what I did there :)).

By the way – does anyone know anyone under 25 who uses “possum” as a pet name?  Only someone like Harry could pull that off, otherwise you’d throw someone like that in to the “weird uncle” pile, you know – the one that touches you inappropriately at family gatherings?  Moving on….

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Rhonda’s relationship journey is the the third main one the show revolves around acting as an anchor against Chloe’s flirtations and yo-yo-ing between Bryce and Kori.  One’s the man she should want and the other is the classic choice of the ‘old Chloe’.   Harry and Francesca act as a catalyst with their actions affecting the whole group while Rhonda and Sharron’s seems to be the stable and consistent one.

Without these three participants and there love interests, there wouldn’t really be much of a show or anything to talk about as they bring out raw instinct, struggle with old ways as they search for a new sense of self while bringing heaps of laughs and relationship lessons we can all pick apart and learn from!

Moments that are Too Hot to Handle in pictures:

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How long’s the binge:

just 8 episodes each lasting just over 40-45 minutes, making the total watch time just over 5 hours.

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