Finding positive fitness mindset foundations in things you love doing


So when I was younger I used to play a lot of video games.   I used to work mornings to afternoons and some nights but after or before work,  I would spend a good solid 5-7 hours in a row playing these video games.

At this time I would also workout each day and catch up with friends on How my days off.

So whats the point of this story?

Well, the lesson I feel I had learnt recently was that in a video game there is always a misson and you must complete that misson to win that level of the game or to move onto completing the game and I was so persisent and relentless in passing these levels that I wouldn’t stop until i got past a certain level,  If i was stuck there for a while, I didn’t allow myself to give up or to stop until i past that level on the game.  That’s because I knew I would be stuck there again tomorrow if i gave up that day and tried the next day…

I wanted to be ahead in the game with progress from each session I completed and that taught me lessons I use today in everyday life.


3 Lessons I learned:

1. Are you progressing on purpose?
I think each day we all talk about wanting change or where we want to go but most of the time we just don’t take any or enough action to make things happen, ask yourself “Am I Fully Commiting Myself To Taking Action Today” if not than write down a list of what you need to do to get you your action steps down for the day.

2. Stop being a victum.
Every time I died in the game do you think it helped if I started yelling at the game that life isn’t fair and that i didnt deserve to die? Absolutely not… Empower yourself with positive words of encouragement and back yourself and keep pursuing your action step to be completed, otherwise you’ll still be in the same place you are now in 5 years time. Don’t underestimate the impact of lack of action and aving a optimistic perspective


3. Enjoy the process of each new level.
Start enjoying the now! Be aware and open about the present moment and stop thinking about how you pissed your pants in year 5 at primary school in assembly. You can’t focus on the action steps you need to complete if your not present in what you are doing.

These reminders are a great way for you to create your own game and keep yourself leveling up in life, professional or personal and to keep yourself on track to progressing your way to your goal.

Be honest, Take Action and Be Present.



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