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As you know its been a bit of a wild time for the world and a bits happened since gyms have closed and the world essentially shut down.  So here is a recap:  I now have a beard, wild right! Who would of thought I could of grown one and trust me I am just as surprised as you are. Think about the beard Tom Hanks had in Castaway, can you picture it?…

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-22 at 3.22.46 PMWell besides me growing a beard, and wearing slippers most days.  You could say I am taking this extra time to work on myself more and really embrace the chance to slow down take, more workouts, more reading, more time to be creative with business ideas and planning, more time to reflect on what really matters in life and I can tell you that im super grateful this has happened as i have been describing this a low budget holiday in perspective, I have more time to reach out to loved ones and just reconnect with myself and others and I highly recommend you do the same.

So why am I telling you this?

Because you need to embrace your current environment to really thrive in this time and only you have this responsibility to look after yourself, the postman won’t do it, your partner may try but only You Can Do This.

Create a daily structure to follow to keep yourself proactive as there is no point in being reactive to David’s Instagram post about heading to the beach to sit in the sun when he knows its only adding to the problem in the worlds situation.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-22 at 3.22.46 PM (1) (Side note did that just make you mad to think about someone else doing something that is the cause of being apart of the issues? If so your in a reactive state).  So create a daily structure to follow that grounds you, makes you proactive and gets you moving for your mind and body, “Garage Gains Recommended”…

You: Ok Chris, Your Optimistic I Get It.

Me: For sure I am. But I need you to understand that everyday I wake up I don’t automatically get into a good mindset I create one and I could easily say you know what I give up and close my business at this time, throw in the towel and just look for something new but I love what I do and I know that nothing comes from lack of effort and giving up.

That’s why I am optimistic, because I choose to be and you can too.

But what I am trying to get across is that your also in charge of your perspective, your life and the decisions you make every single second.  So, will you be letting the day run away from you or will you make the day run after you?

So now that I have hopefully made you realise that your going to not only get shit down during isolation but also come out better than you went in, I want you to give this workout challenge ago 7 days a week when you wake up.

Even if you are still on the app try this out.

The fundamental exercises we should all be doing are here to keep us fighting fit and strong for life:

Every morning give this a go of 20 Reps of just 1 Set, Just 1 Set that’s all I ask as soon as you wake up!


Bodyweight Squats
We all know how to do squats, just focus on feet shoulder width apart, push knees out over toes while hips push back as your going down and come back up and lock knees out.


Start with feet hip width apart and step forward and bend down into a kneeling position, make sure both knees are at 90 Degrees with back knee on the ground inline with hips and step back up back to feet together.


Push Up
Feet together, hips inline with shoulders, brace the core, glutes and push heels back slightly, also be sure to make sure elbows turn in slightly and shoulder blades meet at the bottom position.


Shoulder Press
Feet hip width apart, grab your broomstick or dyson vacuum and start shoulder pressing while keeping ribs in and tailbone slightly tucked, don’t have a duck bum (Think about a shitting dog) the dog tucks it pelvis in.


Seated Row with a resistance band or tie old socks together and wrap around a stable heavy object that won’t move and pull the old socks in a seated position while bringing mid back together.

Give those a go every day for the next 7 days to not only keep yourself active but this also gets blood flowing, your motor neurons firing to start your day and helps keep your mindset healthy with a boost of happy hormones.

Happy Thursday and until next week legends have a great week and keep on making yourself proud by your daily actions to be your best, love yourself and enjoy the opportunities that a better perspective provides.

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