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They’ve described it as a new kind of mobile experience as the suite of Galaxy S20 series dropped earlier this year.  Looking for cons would be nitpicking at this point as there are more pros.  When deciding between the models in the S20 series the main point is size.  The higher up the food chain you go, the bigger everything gets.

Samsung S20 Ultra Camera Features

The reason for opting for the Ultra was its 1.5TB maximum capacity in storage and higher resolution in image capture.  Unlike the other models in the series, Ultra delivers 108 Megapixel photographs, so in my case being able to downsize and ditch the old SLR for basic needs and merging that with a massive storage device provides sensible economies of scale.   These days, the old 16GB and 32GB phone memory fast becomes obsolete and this one operates on a 128GB base offering superior processor speeds on regular phone use meaning lots of room for apps to do their business without slowing down overall performance.  I’ve opted for the 512GB additional storage here allowing plenty of room for video press kits to be stored and accessed with ease.   Hours of 8K video recordings can be done and immediately edited in minutes without having to transfer footage back and forth between desktops like i previously did.

Samsung S20 Ultra CameraEfficiency is key in shooting.   The “Single Take” option is all about staying in the moment while you capture.  It utilises all cameras when hitting the capture button giving you, the photographer, options from different angles, including 3 second video as multiple shots are taken at the same time.

Samsung S20 Single Take

So on these points it really delivers its promise in shaping a new kind of mobile experience.  The entire series is also 5G ready putting the large standards of capacity by taking advantage of wider bandwidth across a spectrum of resources in the mobile ecosystem for faster service and reach into new areas previously without coverage.

With up to 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom, you can also zoom in close without any loss of quality in your shots.


One of the main selling points in the Ultra, is the Space Zoom feature which enhances 100x unlike the S20 or S20+  which has a maximum 30x.


In several test shots though, anything past 40 begins to pixelate, however in saying that, it still performs strongly in low light conditions in comparisons to previous models and is more than satisfactory for our everyday lives.  When have we really had the need to shoot something that’s about 2km away from where you are standing?  On this basis, depending on your needs, you’d be just as satisfied with the S20 or S20+ models which works out about AU$250 cheaper and has a slightly smaller display screen.

Samsung worked with YouTube to give Galaxy S20 series users the ability to upload 8K videos directly to the platform at ultra-fast upload speeds as part of the 5G intergration.  The run on effect also enhances the gaming experience with high display and touch response rates ensuring smooth and immersive gameplay.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 10.12.44 PMWhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 10.14.49 PMWhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 10.13.34 PMWhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 10.12.58 PM
The 8K video features are identical across all three models, display screen, weight, resolution and zoom increases across the plus and ultra model.  So if this is your main use the range in price for the handset outright is between $1100 to $2000.

A powerful battery to enable state of the art capability charges swiftly within 60 minutes lasting 6 to 7 hours comfortably while connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

As a long term android user I’m oblivious to the world of Apple’s Siri so getting to know Samsung’s Bixby has been a hoot as I discover her artificial intelligence powers as she understands and becomes with the apps on my phone, calendar and geographical movements to find ways to make my life easier.

Getting Things Done with Bixby: Samsung continues to work with industry-leading partners to add more intelligent services to Bixby Marketplace. When you ask for help, Bixby helps you get the job done by suggesting services that can take care of that task for you.

In terms of protecting that revolutionary camera, the silicone and leather cases leave the lenses exposed and aren’t the best choice. As someone who is notorious for cracking screens – regularly….


…I’ve explored other options outside of the silicone and leather range that tend to be aesthetics focused rather than anti-shock absorbant focused.

Samsung S20 Slide Cover case

For trips out when I’ll need instant access to camera action and non-selfie image and video, I’ve opted for this Gadget Wise cover (above) which sits around the $35 mark.  The better option, though more clunky really wraps it and successfully kept my phone intact after dropping it twice within 3 weeks of getting the new phone are the silicone cases by Urban Armour (circa $90).

Samsung S20 Slide Cover case UAG

The Monarch series completely completely encases both sides with the clip for you to let it hang off your pocket, while Kogan has one with a kickback stand if you’re a regular at instructional videos.

The Galaxy S20 series features the premium technologies that Galaxy fans have come to know and expect. The most secure device Samsung has ever made, the Galaxy S20 series is protected by Knox and includes a new, secure processor which protects against hardware-based attacks.

It’s a great buy, an advance that for the most part delivers on its promises, in terms of value if you’re a video person than there’s no point in going all out for the larger screen and storage space and when it comes to protection, there are better options outside of the official accessories range.

Videography: Samsung 



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