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Recently I have been on the search for a new pair of sunglasses as living on the beautiful sunshine coast in queensland can be a hot spot when it comes to damage to our eyes from the UV Rays.

If we think about our skin we know when we get burnt by the suns UV Rays, however our eyes can be a little different because we don’t usually notice the difference and damage done.

Not grabbing some shades on your way outside could put you at an increased risk later in life of developing eye problems like cataracts later in the future.

A cataract forms when proteins in the lens of your eye form into a clump which blurs vision and can make it hard to see blues and purples.

Cataracts can form in one or both eyes, but they don’t spread from one eye to another thankfully, Scientists think that exposure to UV radiation causes a type of cataract called a cortical cataract.

They also think that exposure to UV radiation causes pterygium, nicknamed “surfer’s eye”. This is characterized by a growth on the clear tissue covering the sclera, or the white part of the eye.

If the growth reaches the cornea, which covers the front of the eye, it could interfere with vision and need to be surgically removed. UV exposure can also cause photokeratitis or “sunburn of the eye”, affecting the cornea and the membrane covering the front of the eye and the inner eyelids. This can happen if UV rays are reflected off surfaces like sand, water, ice, or snow.

Wearing sunglasses will help minimize your risk of experiencing these issues, but only if they sufficiently protect against UV radiation.

So knowing that the UV Rays can be a huge impactor for eye health I knew which ever glasses I was to pick had to be quality in every detail, be 100% UV Protection and of course look good, let’s be real we buy things that fit our style on a day to day basis.

I found a brand that actually captured not only those 3 boxes but was also run by these young business builders also known as Jai, Bree and Suma. All of which are family, sisters and brother trio, born on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, their values were exactly that to wear glasses to protect their eyes against the harmful effects of UV Rays, while having a love for fashion, glasses and the beach, it was the perfect opportunity for them to start their very own business to help other people look after their eyesight as well.

Each pair of glasses has more commitment to crafmanship than I have seen in any local producer and the attention to detail is on another level with their own unique design. The 100% UV protection is by the world renowned Carl Zeiss Vision as well!

And lastly their openness and transparency is what sealed the deal for me, something that caught my eye was “No matter how fast we grow, our vision will always be the same – to inspire everyday sunglass wearers to have the confidence to stand out from the crowd , by providing affordable fashion -forward sunglasses”

Honest, Reliable, Stylish and 100% UV Protection.

You have my vote team!

To check out Jagar Eyewear follow the links below to their social media and website.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jagareyewear

Website: https://www.jagareyewear.com

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