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You asked, we listened. It’s part of our ongoing and continual process in evolution. You’ll see that in our Instagram shift going from the variation that you’ll find on our website which mixes fashion, health, dining and community events.

Music is our strength and it’s our community of local and independent artists we have the best relationships with and we’re looking forward to taking those engagements and relationships offline. We’re looking forward to seeing more of your work, reviewing your music and jamming with you on Facebook and can’t wait to share that with readers on the new re-focused music based instagram @songwritersloungeau

Our site will still have the long reads and ideas you’re continuing to enjoy and our socials will be focusing more on the individual brands of our team of contributors that shape the core basis of the next rush.

You can still keep up with the shenanigans of your favorite writers below or follow this site to keep up with their latest news in entertainment, health and lifestyle articles like you already have been….

Health & Fitness – Chris Walker
Music – Jordan Bakker / Iman Bulbilia
Dining & Cooking – Anita M. / Best of Thermomix
Entertainment – Joseph Lloyd
Travel & Features – Lola P
Social Events & Lifestyle – Christopher Haggarty

In the meantime, you’re invited to join us in the Songwriters Lounge, or perhaps you know someone who loves to jam?

The Songwriters lounge is a hub for musicians, producers, venues to share thoughts on the industry, new music and explore new network collaborations as the industry faces the challenges of the recent client.*F


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