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2020 has been a huge year, we have seen a lot happen in a short period of time like protests, riots, a worldwide pandemic, a recession and the worldwide realisation that kindness is essential in times of need and that we act as not many countries but one tribe looking to support each other.

Our very own, Chris Walker, has been hosting this challenge every year since 2015 and believes it’s a great reminder to be kind to strangers, to create connection, to inspire everyone to treat all people with love and respect through kindness. If you arent’ familiar with TravelFit global, it’s a vision, a retail brand, a fitness community – that centres around personal health taking a holistic approach which aligns with our team’s ongoing search for the next rush. Physical health, Positive wellbeing and novel experiences are central to the TravelFit global which is also our partner podcast streaming service elaborating on our health articles.

The inaugural “Do a Good Deed Challenge” saw 30,000 people involved worldwide sparking Chris’ ongoing mission to inspire, reset and give to strangers in the hope to help old and young to continue to inspire strangers to be kind to others so they can see the impact a small act of kindness can make. That’s the mindset of our health articles here, the TravelFit Global vision in the wellbeing retreats, health champs and community events it hosts like this one.

“Change is possibly in any circumstance but only as a tribe” says Chris Walker, “The event will be for two days, the 21st to the 23rd of August, this weekend and you’re all invited to get involved by simply clicking below to join the event. Participate by doing an act of kindness for a stranger, you can use social media to share your impact and to inspire others to get involved.”

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