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It’s been a long time coming for these guys after a delayed opening originally planned for late 2019 was further compromised thanks to last year’s lockdown. Taking the country by storm at it’s Brisbane / Gold Coast (QLD), Dandenong / Melbourne (VIC) and Perth (WA) centres, Zero Latency finally arrived in Sydney last month setting up shop on O’Riordan Street in Mascot.

Zero Latency Virtual Reality are pioneers in the space after bringing the world its first free-roam virtual reality entertainment venue in 2015 which millions worldwide in 22 countries have enjoyed.

(Play Video – Undead Arena)

Since opening in December 2020, the Mascot centre has played host to bucks nights, hens night, families, gamers and team building work groups proving to be a hit.

The visit begins with our ‘Games Master’ briefing us on the game that is to take place and an induction into the gear needed for the group to immerse themselves into the computer generated simulation.

Our group likens our games master, Dan to the ‘Operator’ from the Matrix. As the game is played, our games master can see from the perspectives of all players in the game and can guide us with instructions and tips as he communicates with the group audibly through the linked headsets we all wear.

There are multiple simulations on offer, including a reality TV show set in the zombie apocalypse, Undead Arena, mission to escape from a stranded space station taken over by robots in Singularity. with more planned this year, including the highly anticipated Far Cry VR.

Immersing ourselves into a virtual world with a 2.5kg rifle, goggles and backpack, the amount of information being collected from each individuals cameras, motion sensors and feeding them through the central game server allowing the group to see and feel each other’s impact within the game really is mind boggling.

It’s hard to explain the experience, as our senses are completely tricked into the surroundings of the articially generated three dimensional world in today’s game, Singularity. We’re instructed by mission control, making our way through the space ship completely removed from the open 200 square metre warehouse space we initially walked into. An incredible realism we experience with sound, vision, sense of depth completely artificialised and our natural senses being completely tricked as we are transported into outer space.

(Play video below – Singularity)

As we progress through the space ship, the group works together to overcome attacks before taking on one final enemy that will require all our fire power.

An adrenaline junkie, action adventure seeker or gamer would get great value from this experience which lasts approximately 30 minutes. Built in to the game are alarm sensor alerts that ensure the group of up to eight people remains 1.5 metres apart from one another. I just didn’t know what to expect, and among the group, that was generally the sentiment felt because it was so real. Watching back our video feed was a hilarious experience as our group emanated all the emotion and physical reactions you would when under attack. This is definitely an experience worth trying for both adults and children (over 10 years of age).

Price per person ranges from $59 to $69 from Tuesday to Sunday. The Sydney site becomes the sixth in Australia as the international franchise continues towards 50 centres worldwide.

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