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There’s a lot to love about the Asics range when it comes to everyday training, particularly at a competitive marathon level for runners like me.   The world majors often take us to various climates with specific tread requirements.   This is much of the focus when going through their range.  They are an important staple though when it comes to everyday training because Asics always seems to deliver the goods when it comes to good foot support.

NIMBUS LITe 2: Wider outsoles with in step comfort and stable lands.

It’s a striking aesthetic with its high vis lime outsole immediately attracting your eye.  Aesthetics alone immediately propels this to the first choice for my late-night runs. 

It’s a comfortable slide into the inner sleeve onto the plush bounce of the Flytefoam midsole interior. But hey, step-in doesn’t mean anything unless it feels good on the run. It’s dialled-in perfectly as the padding on the collar, tongue and heel adds to the uber comfort of the initial snug fit before the shoe moulds itself to your natural contours.

Lift and impact are neutralised by a Flytefoam midsole that provides the needed stability to handle basic terrain.  Clocking in at just 292 grams, it’s amazing the kind of stability the shoe provides, even with an expanded outsole offering more precise lands with maximum absorption.   The landing re-enforced with the forefoot flytefoam gel placements without negatively impacting push-off.

Springs and turns are a breeze when navigating flat surfaces at the gym beach and mountain trails for example and it feels really good on the run.

An ideal choice as a daily trainer most definitely, but limited for the demands of my marathon surfaces.

NIMBUS 23: More GEL and perforation equals extra shock absorption and breathability

Neutral strides in training make this a good choice for stability and dynamic transitions. This is achieved with the lightweight mesh, stretchy midfoot paneling and upper region made purely from recycled material.

In comparison to its preceding models, Nimbus 23 achieves higher thresholds of landing absorption with more GEL insertions into the heel ensuring a smoother push off. The rigid midsole stabilises optimal running gait and alignment with soft accents from the perforation increasing breathability in the otherwise neutral runner that’s designed to guide and support your track maneouvres.

Shock absorption for the most part is maintained on climbs in non-predictable terrain thanks to the heel compression lined with the cushioning of GEL technology.

The grip isn’t meant for trail running. Depending on your running needs, the engineering articulates into gender-specific pillars for a softer feel. The OrthoLite X-55 sockliner ensures a responsive stride, softened by the GEL cementing the integrity of this shoe’s ride. A nice alternative for the treadmill and road running training sessions.

The components of the Nimbus 23 shoe increases the softness without forgoing the integrity of the shoe’s ride, something I noticed and appreciated.  The Gel-Nimbus23 will continue to be in rotation for me, as the choice for those lunch-time city runs.

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