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Last weekend, as part of Berlin Fashion Week, ABOUT YOU, the fashion online retailer presented the “AYFW 2021 – ABOUT YOU Fashion Week” live production, a special show concept under the motto “RE-THINK, RE-WEAR, RE-STYLE” making a groundbreaking fashion statement at Kraftwerk Berlin.

Photo Credit: Getty Images Adidas Collection (Day 2 About You Fashion Week)

In a fast changing time and society, ABOUT YOU felt something new was needed. As a pioneer in the digital industry, the popular online retailer has long recognised this manifesting a unique concept of a Re-Fashion
Week production that is much more than a runway show.

Photo Credit: Getty Images – Puma show collection (Day 2)

Above all, the fashion online shop wants to reach the so-called “Generation Change” which is rethinking the fashion industry and fashion culture.

Photo Credit: Getty Images – Model Alpha Dia at the Levi’s showing during About You Fashion Week (Day 3)

The motto “The End of Fg Fashion” symbolises a progressive new beginning that stands for circular fashion and a future-oriented approach to fashion. Together with Heidi Klum and Lena Gercke as special guests as well as several well-known influencers and artists such as Loredana, Riccardo Simonetti and Lorena Rae, ABOUT YOU takes viewers on a journey of a lifetime. The message “The End of Fg Fashion” is an unmistakable message to call for a rethink.

Photo Credit: Getty Images Singer Loredana performs on the runway (Day 1)

In four dramatic acts, ABOUT YOU presented a positive view of the future of the fashion industry, high-quality and durable clothing, conscious consumption and circular fashion.

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPerwoll show (Day 2)

The ABOUT YOU show was staged and directed by fashion choreographer Jay Revell and the 35-minute fashion film which is available for all customers and shoppers to watch is directed by the exceptional talent Vitali Gelwich.

Photo Credit: Getty Images: LeGer by Lena Gercke show (Day 3)

The concept of AYFW 2021 was implemented as a production under strict adherence to a comprehensive hygiene concept and without an audience.


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