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Men are more excited about Valentine’s Day than women in 2021 according to Human Insight platform, UserTesting and their recent survey. Data they collated show women are preferring to stay indoors this Valentine’s Day and would like to spend a quiet evening watching movies, exchanging gifts, and cooking meals with their partners. In contrast, the majority of men surveyed were looking for romantic getaways on the beaches and planning hiking and other outdoor activities.

Credit: Jonathan Sborba

Over-the-top fairy tale romantic ideas to surprise your partner is a faded concept

  • 70% of men surveyed said that planning a valentine’s date is a mutual affair with their significant other; compared to only
  • 40% of women who said the same.
  • Another 40% of women and 20% of men stated that they were solely responsible for planning activities; and
  • 10% of men stated activities were planned solely by their partner.
  • Credit: How Far From Home

Bottle of wine, champagne, spirits – popular gift choices in women

The survey showed a wide gap in genders’ perspectives regarding their gift expectations. 

70% of women expressed their likeness for flowers and beverages including bottle of wine, champagne, spirits etc. as their perfect valentine gift. While remaining said Jewelry (necklace, ring, watch) and candles/home accessories.

However, with men, there weren’t any popular choices.  Chocolates/candies, flowers/plants, gift cards, and beverages were 25% each.

Credit: Rodnae Productions

Cupid arrowing retail over romance?

The survey revealed that romance is losing its sheen to retail as the majority (60%) of women wanted to shop on the holiday and (40%) of men shared the same thoughts. While (30%) of men & women still believe in celebrating love. Remaining (10%) of women and (30%) of men admitted they only celebrate it to make their partner happy.


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