Marknull Fall 2021: Separating garment structures to redefine functionality and meaning

Inspired by the Chinese martial arts culture, the models of the MARRKNULL Fall 2021 collection used an extremely impactful expression harness-wire technique, as the MARRKNULL conceptual clothing literally dropped from the sky.

A setting of bleak dry woods, ideas for the season were laid bare on the yellow ground of densely fallen leaves. The aerial drama of flying models described as an exploration of evolution from various eras of Chinese history.

This season Marrknull structures two garments on the same plane through the seam line.

The oblique opening and closing buttons twist the hem into a waist seal, presenting a new shape on the body.

The oblique body is presented in a structured way of folds, which visually strengthens the concept of dislocation through the splicing of fabrics in different directions.

Employing a method of enlargement, garments are given new functions. The Tee shirt is enlarged into dresses and skirts, the shirt is enlarged into dress skirts, and the denim jacket and suit jacket are layerer into silhouette mid-length skirts.

The fusion of looks is an abstract interpretation of time travel, with a colour palette evoking soft fades, calmness.

A number of the showstopper looks stitched together multiple outfits at the waist, so that one piece of clothing can be worn three times.

Marknull challenges the status quo in questioning the definition of fashion, offering a liberal suite of looks that deviate from their intended spirit and meaning.

Credits: PRODUCTION – Yang Wan, VIDEO DIRECTOR – Hu Hongbo, MAKE-UP & HAIR – Zhao Rixin, MUMU, Yao Yao

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